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Training Market Strategy and TVET Competition

Colleges, provinces and population dynamics.

Which province has the least or most colleges and does it matter? What can we learn about market opportunities when data shapes the story?

Gaps for youth and unemployed development?

Compelling factors shaping why, how and who for education and training organisations. 


The table below (adapted from wikipedia), shows the number of public TVET colleges available in each province. Provinces are ranked according to population size. Gauteng is at the top and Northern Cape has the least people.

    • Bunny chow province KZN has the most TVETS yet Eastern Cape appears to be the one with the ‘mostest.’
    • Even though EC’s population is around half of Gaunteng, they have the same number of TVETS.
  • Mpumalanga, with the third largest population, appears worst off with only 3 Colleges
No. Colleges Province Population (2011) Area (km²) Density (per km²)
8 Gauteng 12,272,263 18,178 675.1
9 KwaZulu-Natal 10,267,300 120,361 108.8
3 Mpumalanga 4,039,939 76,495 52.8
6 Western Cape 5,822,734 129,462 45.0
7 Limpopo 5,404,868 125,755 43.0
8 Eastern Cape 6,562,053 168,966 38.8
3 North West 3,509,953 104,882 33.5
4 Free State 2,745,590 129,825 21.1
2 Northern Cape 1,145,861 372,889 3.1
South Africa 51,770,561 1,220,813 42.4

What plots rise when you connect the data?

Post your observations in the comment section below! 🙂 


The smallest province, Gauteng, is also the most crowded and one of the most employed. Do cramped living conditions allow crime to flourish?

Provinces ranked by total crimes

Province Total Number of Crimes
Gauteng 1148406
Western Cape 867373
Kwazulu-Natal 618143
Eastern Cape 381100
Limpopo 238449
Mpumalanga 233624
North West 219882
Free State 218040
Northern Cape 93932
Kwazulu/Natal 3584
Total 4022533


All provinces require funded occupational training opportunities. Private providers should use this as momentum to expand their footprint.

Official unemployment rate Expanded unemployment rate
AprJun 2017 AprJun 2017
SOUTH AFRICA 27.7 36.6
WC 20.7 24.6
EC 34.4 44.5
NC 30.5 45.3
FS 34.4 40.5
KZN 24 40.4
NW 27.2 42
GP 29.9 32.9
MPU 32.3 41.4
LIM 20.8 37.1

Post Secondary School Achievement

Northern Cape and North West have the lowest proportion of post-secondary graduates and the least TVET Colleges.


2018 has been scarred by the suicides of two Mpumalanga learners after receiving their 2017 Matric results via sms.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) says suicide rates among teens aged 10–14 have nearly doubled in the last 15 years.

The highest number of fatal suicides occur in the 15–19 group, says Schlebusch, and predominantly among girls aged 10–19. Fatal suicides are almost as high among youth as among adults. A high proportion, also, are black youths under the age of 18.

“The socio-economic context has significant bearing on the prevalence of suicide in South Africa: with high unemployment rates and thus high levels of poverty, South African youths are confronted with significant educational and socio-economic demands – an experience that can feel both overwhelming and paralysing, most especially when one is attempting to negotiate the significant and already challenging transitions and adjustments that adolescence and early adulthood can bring,” explains the University of Cape Town Student Health Centre’s counselling guide.

Consider these and other factors during strategic planning.

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