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Action Time for Training Videos

Promote your Training Brand Feature Learning Content

More organisations are embracing video technology as a compelling teaching medium.

Make videos available to facilitators, trainers and teachers to position your organisation as a leader in the field.

Time to create your own contextualised content for  competitive positioning?

From producing one polished video or a series of 8

Three cost effective video production packages

Exclusive to those producing content for learning or social development purposes.

Cost Effective Shoots Prioritise Pre-production and Time Management

What is ReelTime?

This is the amount of time you have in front of the camera.

Each package has a specific amount of time allocated to each stage of the video production process.

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    Create learning content, attract traffic to your website and position your organisation competitively

    Shoot Video!

    This Johannesburg-based video offer is exclusive to education and training organisations, or those who produce content for learning purposes.

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    Indie -R7 500Action -R15 000Feature -R25 000

    Your Training Videos for NQF based Qualifications


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