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Three Unique Interventions for Education, Training and Development Stakeholders

Spanning vulnerable to profitable, markets are complicated tribes of beasts ever jostling and competing for prizes.

From CHE, SETA or QCTO Accreditation to Development in Vulnerable Markets

Spring means time to get fresh!!!

Three great workshops kick off in September, each committed to solving pain points in a development context. Check them out, sign up for more than one! Why not?! 🙂

Building Blocks for Businesses SETA Accreditation

10am – 1 pm: Thursday, 27 September 2018

Gallo manor, Johannesburg

R 950

3 Hour workshop expanding on how to develop a business strategy matching the accreditation application. ‘Building Blocks’ covers all steps to be taken and information required for accreditation purposes.

For emerging providers, the ‘Building Blocks for SETA Accreditation‘ is an excellent foundation seminar building an understanding of the legislative context and alignment of accreditation submission documents. This workshop helps you identify how to embark on a competitive market strategy in the training and development sector.

Building Blocks focuses on the accreditation criteria that must be met for full accreditation and not just ‘interim or preliminary’ accreditation. This means that whether you’re a current training provider or a new emerging one, you’ll leave this session knowing exactly what the SETA will expect from you. MORE!

Vulnerable Markets Workshops

These sessions unpack empirical evidence and studies that can help us address market failures related to poverty, unemployment and equity.

Equity. Policy and Praxis issues:  Thursday, 20 September: R 700

Evaluating and establishing outcomes, equity as talent attraction.

Pro-poor policy and NEETs: Friday, 21 September: R 700

How well do you know your markets?

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