The New QCTO Mining Qualifications

These exciting new QCTO mining qualifications range from underground operations, mineral processing, or environmental management.

QCTO Mining Qualifications at the MQA

The List of New QCTO Mining Qualifications

qcto mining qualifications

NQF Level 2 QCTO Mining Qualifications

NQF Level 1 Mining Qualifications

The mining SETA (MQA) has developed one NQF level 1 qualification with the QCTO.

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQACredits
102945Occupational CertificateScraper Winch Operator
101366Occupational CertificateCoal Cutter Operator: Underground Coal
99689Occupational CertificateCrane or Hoist Operator (Onsetter)
99713Occupational CertificateCrane or Hoist Operator (Small Winder Operator)
99379Occupational CertificateDriller
101712Occupational CertificateDump Truck Operator
101677Occupational CertificateHydraulic Rock Breaker Operator
110672Occupational CertificateLamproom Assistant
101671Occupational CertificateLoader Operator
99704Occupational CertificateMining Operator (Drill Rig Operator: Underground Coal)
99702Occupational CertificateMining Operator (Hauling Equipment Operator: Underground Coal)
99706Occupational CertificateMining Operator (Loading Equipment Operator: Underground Coal)
121127Elementary CertificateMining Team Leader
102943Occupational CertificateMobile Mining Equipment Operator
99252Occupational CertificateRock Drill Operator
101668Occupational CertificateSkid Steer Loader Operator
102005Occupational CertificateUnderground Coal Roof Bolt Operator
QCTO Mining Qualifications
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NQF Level 3 QCTO Mining Qualifications

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQACredits
101669Occupational CertificateDragline Operator
98908Occupational CertificateDriller (Directional Driller)
98823Occupational CertificateDriller (Exploration Driller)
101711Occupational CertificateExcavator Operator
101550Occupational CertificateLamproom Supervisor
120057Intermediate Occupational CertificateMiner
96464Occupational CertificateMining Technician (Strata Control Observer: Underground Hardrock)
94572Occupational CertificateMining Technician: Mine Ventilation Observer
121163Intermediate Occupational CertificateSurface Blaster
102003Occupational CertificateUnderground Coal Continuous Miner
103036Occupational CertificateWinding Engine Driver
119445Occupational CertificateOffshore Driller
NQF Level 3 QCTO Mining Qualifications

NQF Level 4 QCTO Mining Qualifications

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQACredits
94042Occupational CertificateEmergency Service and Rescue Official (Mines Rescue Services Worker)
99285Occupational CertificateGeological Technician (Marine Mining Geological Technician)
99257Occupational CertificateGeological Technician (Surface Mining Geological Technician)
99260Occupational CertificateGeological Technician (Underground Mining Geological Technician)
119223National Occupational CertificateMine Shift Overseer
99427Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Material Handler)
99509Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Materials Preparer: Lump Ore)
99512Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Calcining)
99486Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Hydrometallurgy)
99506Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Smelting)
98929Occupational CertificateMining Technician (Mine Planning Practitioner)
98932Occupational CertificateMining Technician (Mine Ventilation Officer)
94870Occupational CertificateMining Technician (Mining Sampler: Hardrock)
94038Occupational CertificateMining Technician (Strata Control Practitioner: Underground Hardrock)
94876Occupational CertificateMining Technician: (Mining Surveyor)
94878Occupational CertificateMining Technician: Strata Control Practitioner (Coal)
NQF Level 4 QCTO Mining Qualifications

Advanced QCTO Mining Qualifications

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQANQF LevelCredits
119283Higher Occupational CertificateMine Overseer Level 5200
102162Occupational CertificateMine Environmental Control Supervisor Level 7661
119979Advanced Occupational DiplomaMine Manager Level 7460
119266Occupational CertificateMining Engineering Manager Level 7480
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Increasing Career Opportunities in Mining: QCTO Mining Qualifications Guide

These QCTO mining qualifications range from underground operations, mineral processing, or environmental management.

Scraper Winch Operator (Occupational Certificate)

A Scraper Winch Operator, controls equipment essential for underground operations. This NQF Level 1 qualification lays the foundation for a rewarding career in mining.

Coal Cutter Operator: Underground Coal (Occupational Certificate)

This qualification dives deeper into underground mining. The Coal Cutter Operator qualification teaches specialized techniques for coal extraction. At NQF Level 2, this certification opens doors to various opportunities in coal mining operations.

Crane or Hoist Operator (Onsetter) (Occupational Certificate)

To train lifting operations, the Crane or Hoist Operator (Onsetter) starts at NQF Level 2. This qualification builds the expertise to ensure smooth and efficient material handling underground.

Driller (Occupational Certificate)

Become a vital part of mining exploration and production as a Driller, mastering the techniques of borehole creation and sampling. With NQF Level 2 and 3 options available, you can specialize in directional drilling, exploration drilling, or underground drilling operations.

Dump Truck Operator (Occupational Certificate)

The Dump Truck Operator qualification developes skills in operating heavy machinery essential for material transportation. This qualification prepares the way for roles in surface mining and quarrying.

Mining Team Leader (Elementary Certificate)

The Mining Team Leader certification is designed to develop essential supervisory skills. At NQF Level 2, this qualification prepares candidates to oversee mining operations effectively and enhance their leadership roles.

Mobile Mining Equipment Operator (Occupational Certificate)

Embrace innovation and versatility with the Mobile Mining Equipment Operator qualification. Specialize in the operation of various mobile equipment used in mining activities. At NQF Level 2, this certification enhances your adaptability in diverse mining environments.

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Rock Drill Operator (Occupational Certificate)

Master the art of rock drilling with precision and efficiency as a Rock Drill Operator, crucial for underground mining operations. At NQF Level 2, this qualification opens doors to roles in tunneling, blasting, and excavation.

Mine Shift Overseer (National Occupational Certificate)

Lead by example and oversee mining operations with confidence as a Mine Shift Overseer, responsible for coordinating activities and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. This NQF Level 4 qualification prepares you for managerial roles in mining.

Mine Manager (Advanced Occupational Diploma)

Reach the pinnacle of your mining career with the Mine Manager qualification, equipping you with advanced skills in mine planning, operations management, and regulatory compliance. At NQF Level 7, this diploma positions you for leadership roles within the mining industry.

QCTO Mining Qualifications

The QCTO mining qualifications offer a diverse range of career pathways, from entry-level positions to advanced managerial roles. So by pursuing these certifications, you can unlock exciting opportunities for professional growth and make a significant impact in the dynamic world of mining. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards a rewarding career in mining today!

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