The New NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO Now

Discover diverse NQF Level 6 qualifications developed by different SETAs in South Africa, equipping individuals with specialized skills for various industries.

New NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: Occupational Certificates

NQF Level 6 qualifications developed by different SETAs in South Africa.

nqf level 6 qualifications qcto

Discover the latest NQF Level 6 qualifications developed by various SETAs in South Africa. From financial expertise to specialized industry skills, these certifications offer valuable opportunities for career advancement.

The Significance of NQF Level 6 Qualifications

NQF Level 6 qualifications hold immense value in the South African job market for several reasons:

1. Industry Relevance and Demand

Employers across various sectors prioritize candidates with NQF Level 6 qualifications due to their relevance to industry needs. Because these certifications signify a high level of skill and knowledge, they make graduates highly sought after in the job market.

2. Career Advancement Opportunities

Individuals holding NQF Level 6 qualifications often enjoy greater career prospects and advancement opportunities. When these certifications validate their expertise and competence, they open doors to higher-level roles and increased responsibilities.

3. Contribution to Economic Growth

Skilled professionals with NQF Level 6 qualifications contribute significantly to economic growth and productivity. They drive innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness across industries and so ultimately fuel economic development.

Exploring NQF Level 6 Qualifications Across Different SETAs

In South Africa, the landscape of qualifications is rapidly evolving because Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) are developing new certifications. These qualifications are so designed to equip individuals with specialized skills and knowledge necessary for their respective fields.

Let’s delve into some of these new qualifications across different SETAs:

qcto bankseta qualifications for banking

New NQF Level 6 QCTO Qualifications: BankSETA

118250Occupational CertificateAnti Money Laundering Analyst Level 6353BANKSETA
118229Occupational CertificateForeign Exchange Officer Level 6243BANKSETA
120117Occupational CertificateBusiness Banking PractitionerNQF Level 6202BANKSETA
NQF Level 6 QCTO Qualifications: BankSETA

BANKSETA: Developing Financial Experts

1. Anti Money Laundering Analyst

The Anti Money Laundering Analyst qualification equips individuals with advanced skills to then combat financial crimes effectively.

2. Foreign Exchange Officer

For those interested in currency trading, the Foreign Exchange Officer certification prepares individuals to navigate the complexities of the global forex market.

3. Business Banking Practitioner

The Business Banking Practitioner qualification trains professionals to provide specialized financial services tailored to the needs of businesses. They then contribute to economic growth and development.

New NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: CATHSSETA

110361Occupational CertificateEquestrian Coach or Instructor Level 2 6250CATHSSETA EQASA (AQP)
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: CATHSSETA

CATHSSETA: Cultivating Equestrian Excellence

4. Equestrian Coach or Instructor Level 2

The Equestrian Coach or Instructor Level 2 certification emphasizes the importance of skilled instruction in the equestrian industry, ensuring the welfare of both horses and riders.

New NQF Level 6 QCTO Qualifications: CHIETA

118111Occupational CertificateGas Turbine Power Plant Process Controller 6360CHIETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: CHIETA

CHIETA: Powering the Chemical Industries

5. Gas Turbine Power Plant Process Controller

The Gas Turbine Power Plant Process Controller qualification prepares individuals to oversee the operation of gas turbine power plants safely and efficiently.

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: ETDPSETA

101258Occupational CertificateSchool Principal (School Manager) 6285ETDP SETA
121276Advanced Occupational DiplomaLearning and Development Professional 6280ETDPSETA
121356Advanced Occupational DiplomaOrientation and Mobility (O&M) Practitioner 6275ETDPSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: ETDPSETA

ETDP SETA: Shaping Education and Training

6. School Principal School Manager

The School Principal (School Manager) certification equips educational leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage school operations effectively.

7. Learning and Development Professional

The Learning and Development Professional diploma prepares individuals to design and then implement effective training programs within organizations.

8. Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Practitioner

For those working with visually impaired individuals, the Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Practitioner diploma focuses on enhancing mobility and independence through specialized training and support.

Table: NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: EWSETA

119991Occupational CertificateCable Jointer (Electric Cable Jointer) 6180EWSETA
99426Occupational CertificateEnergy Efficiency Technician (Energy Audit Technician) 6119EWSETA
97384Occupational CertificateFossil Power Plant Process Controller 6210EWSETA
119992Occupational CertificateLow Voltage Electric Cable Jointer 683EWSETA
97225Occupational CertificateNuclear Power Plant Process Controller 6232EWSETA
110353Occupational CertificateRadiation Protection Practitioner 6386EWSETA
118808Occupational CertificateWater Works Management Practitioner 6298EWSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: EWSETA

EWSETA: Empowering Energy Experts

9. Cable Jointer (Electric Cable Jointer)

The Cable Jointer (Electric Cable Jointer) certification trains individuals to safely and effectively connect electric cables. So ensuring reliable electricity distribution infrastructure.

10. Energy Efficiency Technician (Energy Audit Technician)

The Energy Efficiency Technician qualification prepares individuals to assess energy usage and then implement measures to optimize energy efficiency.

11. Fossil Power Plant Process Controller

The Fossil Power Plant Process Controller certification focuses on managing the operation of fossil fuel-based power plants, ensuring efficient energy generation while adhering to environmental standards.

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: FASSET

94098Occupational CertificateTax Technician 6399FASSET SAIT (AQP)
112829Occupational CertificateManagement Accounting Specialist 6180FASSET (CIMA)
91671Occupational CertificateCompliance Officer 6240FASSET CISA (AQP)
94222Occupational CertificateOrganisational Risk Practitioner 6125FASSET IRMSA (AQP)
118770Occupational CertificateTax Technician 6400FASSET (SAIT)
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: FASSET

FASSET: Nurturing Financial Talent

12. Tax Technician

The Tax Technician certification equips individuals with comprehensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations. Therefore enabling them to provide expert tax advice and compliance services.

13. Management Accounting Specialist

The Management Accounting Specialist qualification prepares individuals to analyze financial data. They can then provide strategic insights to support organizational decision-making processes.

14. Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer certification focuses on ensuring regulatory adherence within organizations. Thus safeguarding against legal and ethical risks.

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: FP&M SETA

104882Occupational CertificateFootwear Designer 6373FP&M SETA
118773Occupational CertificatePermissions Editor 632FP&M SETA
118772Occupational CertificateProof reader 6119FP&M SETA
118771Occupational CertificateText Editor 6195FP&M SETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: FP&M SETA
theology and ministry accreditation for education and training in south africa

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: HWSETA

104798Occupational CertificateAalim Level 6549HW SETA
102235Occupational CertificatePharmacy Technician Level 6362HW SETA SAPC (AQP)
102002Occupational CertificateReligious Associate Professional (Hindu Congregational Leader) Level 6297HW SETA SAHMS (AQP)
97224Occupational CertificateHydro Power Plant Process Controller Level 6189HWSETA
105027Occupational CertificateNon-Commissioned Police Official Level 6250HWSETA
105028Occupational CertificateSocial Security Assessor Level 6192HWSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: HWSETA

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: INSETA

105026Occupational CertificateFinancial Advisor Level 6515INSETA
105021Occupational CertificateInvestment Adviser Level 6213INSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: INSETA

Exploring INSETA’s Level 6 Qualifications

INSETA, the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority, presents two dynamic qualifications at NQF Level 6. These are tailored for individuals seeking expertise and recognition in the financial and investment advisory fields.

15. Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor certification offered by INSETA equips individuals with comprehensive knowledge and skills to then provide expert financial guidance and advisory services to clients. Covering areas such as wealth management, retirement planning, and risk assessment, this qualification prepares advisors to navigate complex financial landscapes and deliver tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs and goals effectively.

Transitioning into the role of a financial advisor requires a deep understanding of financial markets, regulatory frameworks in addition to ethical considerations. Through rigorous training and practical experience, candidates then develop proficiency in financial analysis and investment strategies. They also learn about client relationship management, enabling them to build trust, deliver value, and drive positive outcomes for their clients’ financial well-being.

16. Investment Adviser

The Investment Adviser qualification offered by INSETA focuses on the specialized field of investment management and advisory services. Aspiring investment professionals thus undergo rigorous training in portfolio analysis and asset allocation. They also cover investment risk management to make informed investment recommendations and optimize portfolio performance for clients.

In today’s dynamic investment landscape, clients seek knowledgeable and trustworthy advisers who can navigate market complexities and identify opportunities for growth while mitigating risks.

The Investment Adviser certification therefore equips professionals with the skills and expertise to assess market trends and evaluate investment products. They also learn to construct diversified portfolios aligned with clients’ financial objectives and risk tolerance.

INSETA Qualifications: Occupational Certificates

INSETA’s NQF Level 6 qualifications in financial and investment advisory represent a significant opportunity for professionals seeking to excel in the insurance and financial services sectors. Accreditation in these certifications not only enhances individual credibility and career prospects but also demonstrates organizational commitment to excellence and professionalism in financial advisory services. With a focus on practical skills, industry relevance, and ethical conduct, these qualifications empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to clients’ financial success and the overall growth of the financial services industry.

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: LGSETA

99508Occupational CertificateEnvironmental Science Technician Level 6467LGSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: LGSETA
merseta automotive engineering learning materials

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: merSETA

98920Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Casting and Die-Casting Mouldmaker Master Toolmaker) Level 6240MERSETA NTIP (AQP)
98827Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Metal Forming Die Master Toolmaker) Level 6240MERSETA NTIP (AQP)
98888Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Plastic or Rubber or Glass Master Toolmaker) Level 6240MERSETA NTIP (AQP)
98889Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Purpose Built Machine Master Toolmaker) Level 6240MERSETA NTIP (AQP)
98891Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Specialised Tooling Machinist Master Toolmaker) Level 6240MERSETA NTIP (AQP)
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: merSETA

Master Toolmaker Certifications: Empowering Technical Expertise

17. Master Toolmaker Casting and Die-Casting Mouldmaker

This certification focuses on the intricate craft of casting and die-casting mouldmaking. Therefore individuals pursuing this qualification gain expertise in designing and manufacturing moulds for various casting processes. The program then equips them with advanced skills in material selection, machining techniques, and quality control measures.

18. Master Toolmaker Metal Forming Die

For professionals involved in metalworking industries, this certification is invaluable. Because it covers the design, fabrication, and maintenance of metal forming dies used in processes like stamping, forging, and extrusion. Therefore with a focus on precision engineering and metallurgy, graduates of this program are equipped to optimize production processes and ensure product quality.

19. Master Toolmaker Plastic/Rubber/Glass

The plastics, rubber, and glass industries rely heavily on specialized tooling for manufacturing processes. As a result, this certification addresses the unique challenges of toolmaking in these sectors. It covers topics such as mold design, material properties, and process optimization. Graduates are therefore well-prepared to contribute to the efficiency and innovation of production processes in these industries.

20. Master Toolmaker: Purpose Built Machine

In industries requiring custom machinery and equipment, skilled toolmakers play a crucial role. Therefore this certification focuses on the design, fabrication, and maintenance of purpose-built machines tailored to specific industrial applications. Students then learn about mechanical design principles, automation technologies, and safety standards. Thus preparing them for roles in engineering and manufacturing environments.

21. Master Toolmaker: Specialised Tooling Machinist

This certification caters to the needs of industries requiring specialized tooling solutions. It therefore covers a wide range of topics. For example, CNC machining, toolpath programming, and precision machining techniques. Graduates of this program then possess the skills to manufacture complex tooling components with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: MICTSETA

121157Advanced Occupational DiplomaMedia/Programme Content Production Manager Level 6241MICTSETA
119458Occupational CertificateSoftware Engineer Level 6240MICTSETA
121296Advanced Occupational DiplomaExtended Reality Developer Level 6218MICTSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: MICTSETA

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: PSETA

118095Occupational CertificateDiplomatic Mission AdministratorRingfenced QualificationNQF Level 6207PSETA
118791Occupational CertificateGeneral Manager Public Service Level 6150PSETA
120693Advanced Occupational DiplomaLegislation Facilitator Level 6172PSETA
120685Higher Occupational CertificateRefugee Status Determination Officer Level 6133PSETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: PSETA

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: SASSETA

119424Occupational CertificateCommissioned Police Officer 6150SASSETA
119282Occupational CertificateCorrectional Services Manager 6289SASSETA
118211Occupational CertificateDetective 6171SASSETA
110351Occupational CertificateMilitary Police Official 6264SASSETA
98051Occupational CertificateParole Board Member (Offender Placement and Release Practitioner) 6280SASSETA
121162Occupational DiplomaRoad Crash Investigator 6376SASSETA
101875Occupational CertificateRoad Traffic Safety Officer 6390SASSETA (RTMC AQP)
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: SASSETA

Unveiling New SASSETA Qualifications for Security and Legal Fields

SASSETA, the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority, has introduced several cutting-edge NQF 6 qualifications. They are designed to meet the evolving demands of the security and legal sectors. These certifications cater to professionals seeking career advancement and also organizations aiming for accreditation in these critical fields.

22. Commissioned Police Officer Training

The Commissioned Police Officer qualification equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve effectively in commissioned roles within law enforcement agencies. As a result of the focus on leadership, strategic planning, and operational management, this certification prepares officers for higher levels of responsibility and decision-making in maintaining public safety and order.

23. Correctional Services Manager Training

For professionals aspiring to leadership positions within correctional facilities, the Correctional Services Manager qualification offers comprehensive training. For example it covers facility management, inmate rehabilitation, and staff supervision. Graduates are therefore equipped to oversee day-to-day operations, implement rehabilitation programs, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards in correctional settings.

24. Detective Training

The Detective certification is tailored for investigators specializing in criminal cases. For example, it offers advanced training in evidence collection, interrogation techniques, and case management. Detectives who pursue this qualification then enhance their investigative skills, analytical abilities, and legal knowledge. Thus enabling them to solve complex cases and contribute to the administration of justice.

25. Military Police Official Training

Military police play a crucial role in maintaining discipline and security within armed forces. The Military Police Official qualification therefore provides specialized training in military law, security operations, and conflict resolution. Graduates are then prepared to uphold military discipline and conduct investigations. They are also able to support operational missions in diverse environments.

26. Parole Board Member Training

As part of the criminal justice system, parole board members play a vital role in determining when the release of offenders should take place. They also monitor their reintegration into society.

The Parole Board Member qualification therefore covers parole policies, risk assessment, and rehabilitation principles. Thus empowering members to make informed decisions and promote public safety through effective offender management.

27. Road Crash Investigator Training

Because of the growing need for skilled professionals in accident investigation and reconstruction, SASSETA offers the Road Crash Investigator qualification. This program equips investigators with the technical expertise and analytical skills to analyze crash scenes. They learn to reconstruct accidents and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings, therefore contributing to road safety and accident prevention efforts.

28. Road Traffic Safety Officer Training

Ensuring road safety requires the expertise of trained professionals who can enforce traffic laws, conduct safety audits, and promote awareness among road users. The Road Traffic Safety Officer qualification prepares individuals for roles in law enforcement, traffic management, and road safety advocacy, addressing critical issues such as speeding, impaired driving, and pedestrian safety.

New SASSETA NQF Level 6 Qualifications Now

These new qualifications from SASSETA represent a significant advancement in education and training for the safety and security sectors. By obtaining accreditation for these certifications, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to professional development, quality assurance, and compliance with industry standards. For professionals seeking career advancement and specialization, these qualifications offer a pathway to excellence and leadership in their respective fields.

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: SERVICES SETA

117469Occupational CertificateEmbalmer 6180SERVICES SETA
121151Advanced Occupational DiplomaHuman Resource Management Officer 6134SERVICES SETA
115520Occupational CertificatePhysical Asset Practitioner 6232SERVICES SETA
118768Occupational CertificateQuality Manager 6270SERVICES SETA
102147Occupational CertificateFacilities Manager 6262SERVICES SETA SAFMA (AQP)
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: SERVICES SETA

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: TETA

102579Occupational CertificateMaritime Search and Rescue Mission Co-ordinator 6250TETA
94026Occupational CertificatePort Manager 6132TETA
102158Occupational CertificateRailway Safety Inspector 6330TETA
111357Occupational CertificateSupply Chain Manager 6180TETA
118767Occupational CertificatePort Manager 6132TETA (SAMSA)
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: TETA

NQF Level 6 Qualifications at QCTO: W&RSETA

91788Occupational CertificatePurchasing Officer 6161W&R SETA
91789Occupational CertificateRetail Manager: Retail Store Manager 6507W&R SETA
NQF Level 6 Qualifications QCTO: W&RSETA

29. Purchasing Officer: Enhancing Procurement Proficiency

The Purchasing Officer certification equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of procurement. From sourcing suppliers to negotiating contracts, professionals undergoing this qualification learn the ins and outs of efficient purchasing practices.

30. Retail Manager: Retail Store Manager: Leading Retail Excellence

For aspiring retail leaders, the Retail Manager: Retail Store Manager certification is invaluable. It focuses on developing strategic management skills tailored to the retail environment. From optimizing store operations to maximizing customer satisfaction, graduates are prepared to lead retail teams to success.

These are the occupational NQF Level 6 qualifications being developed by various SETAs and the QCTO in South Africa. Each certification plays a crucial role in shaping skilled professionals across different industries, driving economic growth and innovation.

Transitioning to NQF Level 6 Qualifications: Steps to Success

Research and Exploration

Before embarking on your qualification journey, it’s essential to research the available certifications and their alignment with your career goals and interests. Explore the curriculum, learning outcomes, and potential career paths associated with each qualification.

Skills Assessment and Preparation

Evaluate your existing skills and knowledge to identify any gaps that need to be addressed before pursuing a NQF Level 6 qualification. Consider enrolling in preparatory courses or acquiring relevant work experience to enhance your readiness for the program.

Application and Enrollment

Once you’ve identified the qualification that best suits your aspirations, proceed with the application and enrolment process. Follow the instructions provided by the relevant educational institution or training provider, ensuring that you meet all requirements and deadlines.

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Successfully completing any qualification requires dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to continuous learning. So stay motivated and engaged throughout the program. Also actively participating in lectures, workshops, and practical exercises.

Career Progression and Development

Once you obtain your NQF Level 6 qualification, leverage it to advance your career and pursue new opportunities. Update your resume, network with industry professionals, and then explore avenues for professional development and growth.

QCTO Occupational Qualifications at NQF Level 6

NQF Level 6 qualifications offered by merSETA represent a gateway to exciting career opportunities and personal growth. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer eager to enter a specific industry, these certifications provide the knowledge, credibility, and practical experience needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

So invest in your future by pursuing a NQF Level 6 qualification and unlock a world of possibilities in your chosen field.


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