The New FASSET Qualifications Now

Discover brilliant new QCTO FASSET qualifications: from Management Accounting to Tax Professionals. Explore diverse job roles in finance.

The New QCTO and FASSET Qualifications

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Unfortunately the new QCTO and FASSET Qualifications start at NQF Level 5. This creates an an access barrier.

NQF Level 5 FASSET Qualifications for Finance

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQANQF LevelCredits
112824Occupational CertificateManagement Accounting Officer Level 5180
98959Occupational CertificateBookkeeper Level 5364
99574Occupational CertificateProfessional Principal Executive Officer (Retirement Fund Trustee) Level 5120
NQF Level 5 FASSET Qualifications

NQF Level 6 FASSET Qualifications for Finance

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQANQF LevelCredits
94098Occupational CertificateTax Technician Level 6399
112829Occupational CertificateManagement Accounting Specialist Level 6180
91671Occupational CertificateCompliance Officer Level 6240
94222Occupational CertificateOrganisational Risk Practitioner Level 6125
118770Occupational CertificateTax Technician Level 6400
NQF Level 6 FASSET Qualifications
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NQF Level 7 FASSET Qualifications for Finance Sectors

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQANQF LevelCredits
93603Occupational CertificateFinancial Markets Practitioner Level 7120
117238Occupational CertificateFinancial Markets Practitioner Level 7180
112831Occupational CertificateManagement Accounting Practitioner Level 7180
101839Occupational CertificateInternal Auditor Level 7345
101405Occupational CertificateInternal Auditor (ICT Internal Auditor) Level 7130
104991Occupational CertificateGovernance Practitioner Level 7376
NQF Level 7 FASSET Qualifications

NQF Level 8 FASSET Qualifications for Financial Sectors

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQANQF LevelCredits
101868Occupational CertificateFraud Examiner Level 8255
112809Occupational CertificateManagement Accountant Level 8180
117326Occupational CertificatePublic Sector Auditor Level 8315
101520Occupational CertificateInternal Audit Manager Level 8233
101370Occupational CertificateInternal Audit Manager (Internal Audit Quality Assurer) Level 8116
97387Occupational CertificateOrganisational Risk Manager Level 8265
104989Occupational CertificateCompany Secretary Level 8544
118115Occupational CertificateGovernance Professional Level 8156
118776Occupational CertificateTax Professional Level 8400
93624Occupational CertificateTax Professional Level 8400
NQF Level 8 FASSET Qualifications
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Exploring New QCTO FASSET Qualifications

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) in collaboration with FASSET (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority) has introduced a range of cutting-edge qualifications tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the financial sector.

These qualifications, meticulously designed and meticulously crafted, promise to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in various financial roles. Let’s delve into these qualifications and explore their intricacies:

QCTO FASSET Qualifications NQF Level 5

Management Accounting Officer (SAQA ID: 112824)

This occupational certificate at NQF Level 5 with 180 credits is designed to nurture competent professionals in management accounting. Aspiring candidates will undergo rigorous training to become proficient in overseeing financial operations within organizations.

Bookkeeper (SAQA ID: 98959)

With 364 credits at NQF Level 5, this qualification aims to produce adept bookkeepers capable of managing financial records with precision and efficiency, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Professional Principal Executive Officer (Retirement Fund Trustee) (SAQA ID: 99574)

At NQF Level 5 with 120 credits, this certification focuses on grooming individuals for the role of principal executive officers within retirement funds, emphasizing responsible stewardship and fiduciary duties.

QCTO FASSET Qualifications NQF Level 6

Tax Technician (SAQA ID: 94098 & 118770)

Spanning NQF Levels 6 and 399/400 credits, these qualifications equip tax technicians with advanced expertise in tax compliance, planning, and advisory services, essential for navigating the complexities of the tax landscape.

Management Accounting Specialist (SAQA ID: 112829)

At NQF Level 6 with 180 credits, this certification hones the skills of professionals in management accounting, enabling them to provide strategic financial insights and support decision-making processes.

Compliance Officer (SAQA ID: 91671)

This qualification, at NQF Level 6 with 240 credits, trains individuals to ensure adherence to regulatory frameworks and ethical standards, safeguarding organizations against legal and reputational risks.

Organisational Risk Practitioner (SAQA ID: 94222)

With 125 credits at NQF Level 6, this certificate prepares practitioners to identify, assess, and mitigate risks, fostering resilience and sustainability within organizations.

QCTO FASSET Qualifications NQF Level 7

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Financial Markets Practitioner (SAQA ID: 93603 & 117238)

These certifications at NQF Level 7 with 120/180 credits equip practitioners with the expertise to navigate financial markets, offering insights into trading, investment, and risk management strategies.

Management Accounting Practitioner (SAQA ID: 112831)

At NQF Level 7 with 180 credits, this qualification nurtures practitioners capable of integrating financial data to inform strategic decision-making and drive organizational performance.

Internal Auditor (SAQA ID: 101839 & 101405)

These certifications, at NQF Level 7 with 345/130 credits, focus on developing internal auditors proficient in evaluating internal controls, ensuring governance, risk management, and compliance.

Governance Practitioner (SAQA ID: 104991)

This qualification, at NQF Level 7 with 376 credits, cultivates governance professionals equipped to oversee organizational structures, policies, and practices, promoting transparency and accountability.

QCTO FASSET Qualifications NQF Level 8

Fraud Examiner (SAQA ID: 101868)

At NQF Level 8 with 255 credits, this certification empowers individuals to detect, prevent, and investigate fraudulent activities, safeguarding organizations from financial losses and reputational damage.

Management Accountant (SAQA ID: 112809)

With 180 credits at NQF Level 8, this qualification develops management accountants proficient in financial analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning, essential for driving organizational growth.

Public Sector Auditor (SAQA ID: 117326)

At NQF Level 8 with 315 credits, this certification focuses on producing auditors adept at evaluating public sector finances, ensuring accountability and effective resource utilization.

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Internal Audit Manager (SAQA ID: 101520 & 101370)

These qualifications, at NQF Level 8 with 233/116 credits, prepare audit managers to oversee internal audit functions, ensuring quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Organisational Risk Manager (SAQA ID: 97387)

With 265 credits at NQF Level 8, this qualification equips risk managers to develop comprehensive risk management frameworks, enhancing organizational resilience and sustainability.

Company Secretary (SAQA ID: 104989)

At NQF Level 8 with 544 credits, this certification trains professionals to fulfill company secretarial duties, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and facilitating effective governance.

Governance Professional (SAQA ID: 118115)

With 156 credits at NQF Level 8, this qualification cultivates governance professionals capable of overseeing corporate governance practices, promoting ethical conduct and stakeholder trust.

Tax Professional (SAQA ID: 118776 & 93624)

These certifications, at NQF Level 8 with 400 credits each, empower tax professionals with advanced expertise in tax planning, advisory, and compliance, vital for supporting businesses in navigating tax complexities.

Latest FASSET Qualifications for Finance

In conclusion, these QCTO FASSET qualifications represent a significant leap forward in fostering skilled professionals equipped to thrive in diverse roles across the financial landscape, thereby contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the industry.

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