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FAQ: The easiest SETA for accreditation?

A frequent question asked is 'which SETA is easiest to become accredited with?' The SETA Big 3? Clients (spanning business, consultants and NGOs) provided names of 3 SETAs they were led to believe were 'easy.' The easiest ones to be accredited by? Consultants don't reveal this delicate information. After all, how would we cream it…
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Moderating, Customising and Branding Accredited Training Content

Training material is your love-hate communication to participants and the professional training team using the content. If material doesn't carry your brand and the content fails to inspire, you have a problem!  TRAINING CONTENT AND MARKET MESSAGING Your content must reflect target market needs. Example: If NQF Level 3 content is purchased but the language…
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Creating and Customising Learning Content for Accreditation

Learning content must meet NQF standards and conform to Quality Council conventions. Sign up for seminars to learn more about accreditation evidence requirements.  Creating NQF Aligned Activities Curriculum developers have to ensure that learning experiences based on NQF qualifications and part-qualifications quantify learners ability to demonstrate skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that can be effectively…
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Submitting Content for Programme Approval?

Whether you’re a new accreditation applicant or an organisation applying for an extension of scope, the respective SETA has to validate your training material and ensure that it meets regulatory standards. SETA Role, Education Ethos and Conventions SETAs play a developmental role Adding value to the sector by ensuring competent providers is key to the…
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