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Accreditation Do-It-Yourself

Attend accreditation seminars and learn about various aspects of accreditation and system compliance. DIY ACCREDITATION Once schooled in accreditation requirements and curve balls, you may not feel the consultant was such a rip off. Putting an accreditation application together is a mother load of work and deservedly so. The cheaper your deal, the more generic and…
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Pricked by Accreditation?

Fix the Pain CHE, SETA and QCTO Accreditation asprin Documents and quality management procedures reflecting the 8 core-criteria for accreditation must be submitted to a Quality Council or Education and Training Quality Assurance body. Requirements and nuances for different quality assurance bodies are unpacked during seminars and solutions are described. SEMINARS EXPLAIN HOW TO CORRECTLY…
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SETA and QCTO Accreditation Seminars

Sign up for bespoke accreditation seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban.  SETA CHE QCTO Accreditation Support Sessions include market analysis tactics and practical solutions to accreditation challenges. SIX PAIN POINT SEMINARS Two-hour Seminars for Accreditation Pain Points Ideal for troubleshooting areas you’re uncomfortable with or that have not yet been approved by a quality…
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SETA Accreditation for Dummies

How to design and implement a quality management system for education? Think full circle. No component of your quality management system should escape review. The implicit magic of QMS and M&E shapes a successful business competitive strategy.  A QMS structure automatically reveals how to review organisational quality management. When done correctly, M&E is a catalyst…
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30 Policies and Procedures for your CHE, SETA or QCTO accreditation

A list of 30 key policies and procedures to help organisations prepare their accreditation portfolio of evidence. Policy, Procedure and Strategy Framework for a Quality Management System This list of policies and procedures is not conclusive but provides a great framework for a thorough approach to quality managing your training procedures, policies and overarching systems. Remember…
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The Anatomy of Quality

From the structure of your QMS to providing evidence for SETA, CHE or QCTO accreditation, let us support and prepare you. The Anatomy of Quality Organisations applying for accreditation must show evidence of quality management for their business, HR and training systems. QMS training can unpack how to best structure evidence to meet accreditation criteria…
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QCTO accreditation and Market Development Strategy

Bespoke QCTO seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban Bespoke Seminars If your organisation prefers to address strategic issues in a competitive manner, specific to their business environment -  book a bespoke solution.  Seminar topics can be tailored and delivered at your premises.\ Accreditation deadline with the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations by 2020…
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Accreditation Building Blocks for Education and Training Providers

SETA, QCTO and CHE Accreditation The Building Blocks seminar provides an overall strategy for Accreditation and Market Capture. If you want to steal the show, this is the one to attend! The Building Blocks seminar provides a holistic big-picture view of the entire accreditation process and its implications. How to structure a strategic approach to…
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Painless Profitable Accreditation

Pain points in the accreditation process are commonly related to Quality Management issues, qualification and SETA selection or learning content approval. Book a session, get your team together and let's pioneer! Access resources, solutions and answers Reduce the agony of confusion and get straight answers to your questions. Drive a strategic plan and turn accreditation…
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Hiring an accreditation Consultant?

It's essential for organisations to understand and learn about the implications of accreditation themselves rather than hiring a consultant to 'get everything done.' Failure to do so could land you on the same dung heap as countless others who became accredited then crashed within 3 years. Do-It-Yourself Accreditation Support Seminars Public and bespoke Seminars  unpack…
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