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QMS for SETA Accreditation

DEFINE YOUR GAME Quality Management Systems protect your organisation's reputation and competitive performance. SETA and QCTO standards, while appearing tricky, frame a reliable design for implementing a compliant delivery model. Once you understand how to meet their requirements, even new market entrants in the Learning and Development space can succeed without being dependent on consultants.…
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QCTO criteria for Assessment Quality Partners (AQP)

AQPs are assigned to implement external integrated summative assessments of specified NQF registered occupational qualifications and part qualifications. Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is established in terms of the Skills Development Act, Act No. 97 of 1998 as amended. In terms of section 26H(3) of…
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QCTO Values and Accountability

Organisations use values to guide their actions and maintain fruitful stakeholder relationships. When you engage with the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations, familiarise yourself with their values  and use the information to steer discussions. Values can also be used to hold an organisation accountable. Address your issues by referring to these values and use…
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Market Analysis and QCTO Accreditation

The deadline for QCTO accreditation is 2020. Here's how to set your sights on a sustainable vision. Take these steps to build your business and accreditation strategy. From People to Profit If you are planning to become QCTO accredited, you must understand the legislative environment in order to be compliant, the economic features of your…
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The QCTO code of conduct signed by AQPs and DQPs Code of conduct for AQPs and DQPs We, the undersigned, wish to be appointed by the QCTO as a DQP/AQP. We agree that, if the QCTO delegates such functions to us, we hereby commit ourselves to abide by the QCTO’s Code of Conduct in relation…
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QCTO Nomenclature

Use the lingo like a ninja! Popular QCTO Terms Defined Accredited Skills Development Provider means a provider of occupational learning accredited by the QCTO Assessment Centre means a centre accredited by the QCTO for the purpose of conducting external summative assessments for specified registered occupational qualifications Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) means a body delegated by…
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Gear up for QCTO Skills Development Policy Requirements

Planning to compete as an accredited QCTO Skills Development Provider?  The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations While accreditation for most occupational qualifications still lies with the SETAs, from 2020 the QCTO will assume full skills provider accrediting powers. Providers applying for accreditation need to check if the qualification they wish to be accredited for is…
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2020 Vision for SETAs but what improves?

It was clear that a seamless transition from SETA to QCTO would be miraculous. Hopefully, the SETAs and the QCTO will use the time to improve their policies around stakeholder engagement so that target markets can indeed become beneficiaries. Business, NGOs, Unions and SMMEs need to step up and participate in addressing how to improve and redesign…
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QCTO Accreditation Policy Statement for Skills Development Providers

The Quality Council for Trade and Occupations Section 7 of the QCTO Policy spells out key criteria for Skills Provider Accreditation. Criteria for accreditation of skills development providers 7.1 The QCTO will accredit an entity as an SDP for a specified occupational qualification or part qualification if recommended by an AQP and if that entity…
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