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Looking for a competitive skills development market strategy?

People, Policy, Productivity and Profit Occupational training organisations must connect all 4 P's into their market strategy if they wish to remain relevant. SETA, QCTO or CHE Accredited but no new business? Does your organisation satisfy skills development for building firms of the future? It's time to redefine ETD market strategy to profoundly communicate value…
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#QCTO non viable #accreditation

You think your problem is completing the accreditation application till you're accredited and not making money! Clients are often accredited entities unable to SELL what they became accredited for. As game strategist in education and economic development, I can help you  prevent or fix a 'nonviable accreditation.' Let's complete your quality cycle and prepare you…
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Make Training Videos for NQF Qualifications

FREE video concept for an NQFL4 Qualification Topics listed below are used in typical learner induction programmes. These videos can be used to inform learners, training stakeholders and clients. Video One Purpose of the qualification Career paths for graduates Qualification structure: Fundamental component Core Specialisation (electives) Pose a provocative question Video Two Introduce outcomes based…
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Quality Management Facilitates Growth

Quality Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Systems create a Quality Circle stimulating Growth and Innovation Quality management fosters credibility, profitability and competitive actions. SETAs and quality councils require that a quality management system framework and a detailed review mechanism be submitted for accreditation purposes. QUALITY DIMENSION Your QMS is a visionary document consistently nurturing and expanding upon…
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Market Analysis and QCTO Accreditation

The deadline for QCTO accreditation is 2020. Here's how to set your sights on a sustainable vision. Take these steps to build your business and accreditation strategy. From People to Profit If you are planning to become QCTO accredited, you must understand the legislative environment in order to be compliant, the economic features of your…
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Pricked by Accreditation?

Fix the Pain CHE, SETA and QCTO Accreditation asprin Documents and quality management procedures reflecting the 8 core-criteria for accreditation must be submitted to a Quality Council or Education and Training Quality Assurance body. Requirements and nuances for different quality assurance bodies are unpacked during seminars and solutions are described. SEMINARS EXPLAIN HOW TO CORRECTLY…
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QCTO accreditation and Market Development Strategy

Bespoke QCTO seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban Bespoke Seminars If your organisation prefers to address strategic issues in a competitive manner, specific to their business environment -  book a bespoke solution.  Seminar topics can be tailored and delivered at your premises.\ Accreditation deadline with the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations by 2020…
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