Strategic Accreditation and Business Growth

Education and training strategic accreditation is much more than satisfying regulations. Appoint a strategic accreditation consultant for best results.

Education and training strategic accreditation is much more than a compilation of documents satisfying regulatory procedures.

Looking for a Strategic Accreditation Consultant?

Don’t hire administrative accreditation consultants, they don’t know how to assess your business plan against a market. Leonie Hall combines development economics, education and human resource expertise. What more can you ask for?! Mail her now!

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Select a consultant to train you for success!

Relying on a consultant to only ‘get you accredited’ can have dire consequences for your business. 

If you don’t understand how to set up the documentation for successful accreditation, how will you meet required standards (embedded in the documentation) once operational?

Consider all aspects of your new and improved business value chain. From dealing with specific education and training issues, to shaping a competitive business growth strategy

A range of bespoke solutions are available for those struggling and keen to develop their own effective organisational champions.

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Consultations, Coaching & Workshops

How do you link current business practices to positive accreditation outcomes?

Careful selection of qualifications or skills programmes you wish to offer the market will direct you to the appropriate SETA. Sometimes the relevant SETA is obvious, but we must test this against assumptions.

For example, clients have said they required accreditation with SETA X but the qualification they selected for learning approval belonged to a different SETA.

Marketing Qualifications that are Accredited

Another problem encountered is firms are unable to sell the qualifications they are accredited for. This means they missed a vital ingredient to any business strategy – market research.

Your market is who you can actually reach, those you hope to reach and other possibilities you need an expert to direct you to. arkets can be reached physically and /or digitally (using media) with smart, adaptive marketing and communication techniques.

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Strategic Accreditation Shapes Market Success

Test your reach before deciding on the service you wish to offer. If you have no reach, you could be wasting your time.

If you don’t have money to ‘reach out’ through marketing, then you have a business that appears great but counts for nothing.

Clarifying an effective business strategy for an organisation pursuing Quality Council accreditation in South Africa:

If you can’t satisfy the requirements for the standard accreditation process, you need to hire a consultant to teach you, not solve a documentation problem.

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Manage Your Quality Council Relationship

Get Direction From a Strategic Accreditation Consultant

If an organisation can’t manage how to satisfy regulatory bodies, they set business growth limitations in place.

Once you know how to construct the business architecture to meet Quality Council needs, you will understand how to operate according to quality assured practices and maintain your accreditation status.

Let’s talk Let’s Talk About Strategic Accreditation

What do you need help with? Let’s take it from there!

Contact Leonie for assistance with your policies.

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