Administration Services for Education and Training

Education and Training Administration Services. Unique time-saving administration support services for accredited organisations. Contact us now!

Education and Training Administration Services. Overwhelmed driving administration for education and training quality assurance?

Administration Services for Accredited Organisations

Our pedantic team of specialists will save you time, protect your reputation and free your team from distraction

We offer unique time-saving administration support services for organisations accredited by a quality council or SETA.

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

We’ll help you with the following Administration Services

  • manage ongoing SETA administrative requirements such as:
    • data capture and uploads to the applicable ETQA
    • processing enrollments
    • uploads of achievements
    • attendance registers
    • notifications to candidates confirming dates and venues for training, formative and summative assessments, submissions etc.
  • managing extension of scope applications
  • preparing report systems for quality councils
  • desktop annual review of quality management systems and all quality council report findings
  • verify and moderate quality of training material prior to submission to SETA for approval
  • updating quality management systems


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