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Hiring an accreditation Consultant?

It’s essential for organisations to understand and learn about the implications of accreditation themselves rather than hiring a consultant to ‘get everything done.’

Failure to do so could land you on the same dung heap as countless others who became accredited then crashed within 3 years.

Do-It-Yourself Accreditation Support


Public and bespoke Seminars  unpack accreditation legislation that SETAs, the Council of Higher Education and the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations act upon. Industry trends and applicable solutions are shared and delegates are able to ask questions in a constructive environment.

Organisations, entrepreneurs and consultants will enjoy the insight into how quality assurance plays out across the entire education and training spectrum.

3 Strategic Seminars

Ideal for business drivers and decision makers as they tackle issues within a big picture perspective:

  1. Building Blocks for Accreditation – a holistic overview of quality councils (CHE, QCTO and by default, SETAs) accreditation criteria. A brilliant session for those who need to understand the training sector, legislation, markets and accreditation in its entirety.
  2. The QCTO and market trends – everything you need to know about accreditation, AQPs and market relevance for QCTO compliance
  3. Quality Management System design – each component of E&T quality management is unpacked against the accreditation criteria

7 Pain Point Seminars

Two hour sessions:

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