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Save on accreditation costs with free SETA learning materials. Obtain approved SETA content to own the perfect templates for your content development.

A list of awesome customizable and free SETA learning materials!

Free SETA Learning Materials Available

free seta learning materials

Why pay when you can obtain free SETA learning materials for your accreditation?

The Free SETA Learning Materials: Training Content Research

The 21 SETAs each serve a different set of industry priorities. We went through each SETA website to see what learning materials they offer.

Most SETAs make information difficult to find.

Few SETAs openly state what content they have available.

However, it appears as if most offer free learning materials that become accessible when you apply for accreditation.

This post lists examples of free SETA training content that is available to anyone seeking QCTO and SETA accreditation.

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Do any SETAs Offer Free Learning Materials?

Yes, various SETAs offer free training content.

Most reveal their free learning materials once you are in the accreditation process.

We Found Free QCTO training materials

It helps the industry adjust to the changing occupational qualification landscape when SETAs invest in content development for their sectors.

SETA accredited training content

I think the merSETA has done a great job at developing content.

The merSETA learning support materials were developed by subject matter experts, representatives of industry associations, federations and special interest groups.

They appear to have the biggest list of free learning materials than any other SETA.

Let me know if I’m wrong in the comments section!

merseta learning materials

1. merSETA Courseware Catologue of Free Learning Materials

The current merSETA courseware catalogue is the same list published in 2012/2013.

merSETA Free SETA training resources for automotive industry

The learning support materials are based on NQF-registered qualifications in the
merSETA’s primary focus.

The majority of these qualifications are trade-related.

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2. Free Transport SETA Training Content

TETA has free learning material for some of the unit standards/Qualifications

For access to TETA free learning material, complete their form, sign, date, and scan to Ms. Phindy Kunene:

Tel: (011) 577 7064

Email: and TETA will send you a link for you to download the material.

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How to obtain SASSETA developed and approved learning material

After being accredited by SASSETA you receive a formal letter of confirmation and a list of unit standards that you have been accredited to offer.

Then you can contact SASSETA learning programs (learnerships) department to arrange for the collection or postage of the applicable material.

Contact the following Learnership Administrators for material:
Suzan Botsi
Tel: 011 347 0272

Lorraine Matjila
Tel: 011 347 0200

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MQA Free learning materials for accreditation: Mining Accreditation

The MQA learning material initiative has been executed in collaboration with the Minerals Council South Africa.

The initiative has focused on the development of learning materials that support the developed and registered mining and minerals sector qualifications.

Since its inception, the MQA developed 1604 approved learning packs.

These learning packs serve as a benchmark and minimum standard for provisioning the standards within the sector.

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Insurance SETA approved course content: INSETA

Free INSETA training content is available for these qualifications, click to view the content application form:

  1. 49649: Further Education and Training Certificate: Long-Term
    Insurance NQF Level 4
  2. 49929: Further Education and Training Certificate: Short-Term
    Insurance NQF Level 4
  3. 57917: Further Education and Training Certificate: Wealth
    Management NQF Level 4
  4. 49835: Further Education and Training Certificate: Retail Insurance 4
  5. 57608: National Certificate: Wealth Management NQF Level 5

QCTO training material downloads

Each SETA and the QCTO will ensure that there are occupational qualifications against all SETA occupations and specialisations as they appear on the current OFO document and in line with industry needs.

For example, FoodBev SETA, through Chamber committees, will ensure that each occupational qualification, at minimum, has generic learning material that is easily customisable to facilitate the uptake of qualifications.

Note that the new system does not have any role of assessors and moderators.

However, SDPs must ensure that appointed facilitators comply with the HR requirements per module as stated in the Curriculum document to maintain high standards of training.

These Learning Materials Are Free Resources for SETA Accreditation

Some SETAs only tell you about their free material once you have contacted them for accreditation.

If you have a shady consultant, they may not even share this information with you!

That’s also why you should always drive the accreditation with the SETA or QCTO yourself.

Becoming accredited contributes to relationship building, therefore use the process constructively.

Service SETA Free Courseware

The SSETA is an example of a SETA that informs you at the start of the accreditation process that they have free content available.

However their list of available content has changed from one year to the next.

It’s possible that they base free content on the specific areas they wish to bolster and capacitate.

I’ve noticed some qualifications that seem to consistently reappear, such as the New Venture Creation qualifications (which I adore).

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Free training resources for SETA accreditation in healthcare

In the HWSETA accreditation video, at around the 3-minute mark, they explain that the online accreditation system automatically matches your qualification selection to their available content.

But if you wish to use your content, you will need to send it to the respective provincial office.

QCTO-approved training materials for Agriculture

AgriSETA has developed learning modules for the unit standards within the range of qualifications:

  1. Animal Production (NQF levels 1 – 4 ),
  2. Plant Production (NQF levels 1 – 4) and
  3. Mixed Farming Systems (NQF levels 1 and 2).

These learning materials are generic and the purpose is to assist accredited providers in the Agri sector with good, basic learning materials.

They can then use the free learning materials as the basis for developing/adjusting their new learning materials.

It should be noted that this is generic learning material.

Therefore the provider has to contextualize the material and not only use it as is.

Furthermore, AgriSETA does not prescribe this material.

Providers are welcome to submit their learning material if it is sufficient to address the outcomes of given unit standards.

Therefore you can regard the free AGRISETA learning materials as additional resources.

Because this learning material is in the public domain, you may print, copy and use it as you see fit. Please do so responsibly.

Finally, no copyright can be added to it, nor can it be sold.

For providers who wish to be accredited with the AgriSETA ETQA:

Please note that if you are requested by the ETQA to submit learning materials as part of your accreditation process, this material will NOT suffice.

The ETQA will have to be convinced of the extent of your ability to contextualize the material.

Learning Materials and QCTO Accreditation


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