Retain Her for Education and Training Support

Retain Her for Education and Training Support. We offer a range of retainer packages for accredited organisations.


Cathartic, if you want to vent

Constructive, when you need a kick!

completely unConventional when you want a trick.

I have your back’ Leonie Hall

The idea behind retainers is that you have a committed sidekick generating additional ideas and problem-solving tactics.

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Where do you need help? Retain Her!

  • reviewing proposals?

  • human resource problems?

  • strategic goal setting?

  • marketing?

  • name it and you may just have it!

Fees are in 3 month blocks, paid in two installments and offered at discounted rates.

    Don't stagnate, INNOVATE!

    Understanding economic issues and specific business contexts allows us to identify viable and aggressive growth paths.
    Drop a note below if you need assistance!

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