7sundays training and development services

Dynamic training and development services to enhance competitiveness. How? I blend education, economics and other ‘X’ factors to find new creative and innovative applications.

Leonie Hall


Services for Bigger, Faster And More Profits

7Sundays offers the best training and development services for connecting education and economic sustainability. The past and future inform your solution while the present may embolden or endanger your choices.

Let Leonie help you connect the essential and eternal truths in practical, thoughtful resolutions.

Grab These Services

Training and Development Solutions are Bespoke, Turnkey and Budget Savvy

Competitive Development Services

Turnaround, competitive and organisation development strategies.

Corporate Training Strategic Services

Establish a training organisation to compete in the B2B space. Leonie shares what corporates want.

Services for Curriculum Development Process Excellence

Curriculum development and all policies and procedures for any Education and Training Quality Authority, including the QCTO and CHE.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting Services

Shatter stereotypes and drive inclusion with our thunderbolt thinking sessions.

QMS Automation Services

How meaningful is your QMS? Our awesome workshop will help you learn game theory applications and bring your QMS to life.

Training Implementation Services

We have a host of tools and techniques for teaching and training innovation. Evolve ahead of your environment.

Services for Marketing Optimization

Considering market expansion? Bridge academic, occupational and community-based learning.

Services for New Business Ventures

Entrepreneurs are exciting and provide 7Sundays with unique opportunities to scale new heavens with them! Do you have a new product? Let’s talk!

Business Development Services

International training and development trends, local economic policy and legislation shifts. Chat with 7Sundays to stay ahead.

Best Reasons To Choose Leonie’s Services

She’s informed on legislation and international trends. Leonie also has an acute knack for assessing the competition. If you want to improve your competitiveness, you need someone schooled in education, economic analysis, and design thinking by your side.


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Laurel Miller

Program Director

I attended Leonie’s Quality Management Workshop and


Sun Goddess

An amazing strategic workshop

Inspire And Transform Your Business with 7Sundays Holistic Services

From think tank sessions to leadership coaching. Overcome challenges by connecting with your grit.

Project Management Tools

From learnership implementation to organisation development.

Content Repurposing and Marketing

Education and training naturally stockpiles information. Let’s repurpose dormant collaterol.

Quality Assurance Administration

Leverage off Leonie’s expertise and let her simplify your accreditation and extension of scope administration.


  • QMS Automation
  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Marketing Optimization

Work Process

Your problem statement or list of the strategic objectives you wish to reach will kickstart the process. Contact Leonie today and reserve your services for training and development.


Deep dive into quality management practices or look into the future of learning.

Engaging Coaching Services

This unique coaching program includes bringing your own guest to a session. It could be a mentor, ally or someone you want to win over.

Organisation Development

Bring your space to life with refreshing organisation development techniques. Connect staff as a team focussed on visionary objectives.

Have A Business Idea In Your Mind?

Leonie is the wing woman with fresh eyes. If you have an idea to bounce around and want a safe space, here’s your shot! If you want to collaborate or partner with Leonie, let’s talk!

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