How the SAQA CAT Policy Awards Learner Credits

SAQA designed “Credit Accumulation Transfer” to award learner credits. This stops learners from repeating the learning for something they already know.

“Credit Accumulation Transfer” is based on a model developed by SAQA that is used to determine how CAT credits learners. CAT is implemented to recognize school / FET qualifications and sector qualifications.

Enhancing Educational Efficiency: A Comprehensive Overview of the SAQA CAT Policy

CAT is the SAQA Credit Accumulation Transfer Process

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT) Policy Awards Learner Credits, a meticulously crafted model that serves as the cornerstone for assessing and awarding CAT credits to learners. This policy is instrumental in recognizing both school/Further Education and Training (FET) qualifications, as well as sector qualifications, through the SAQA Credit Accumulation Transfer Process.

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Recognition of Achievements Using the SAQA CAT Policy

This robust framework ensures that learners are not required to redundantly cover material they have already mastered, eliminating the need for a redundant evaluation of their competency. Consequently, this approach yields several significant advantages, including a reduction in the overall cost of learning. Learners only incur expenses for the specific components they need, contributing to a more cost-effective education system.

Moreover, the SAQA CAT Policy results in a notable reduction in training time, enabling learners to expedite their educational journey. By streamlining the learning process, the program can strategically focus on core and specialization outcomes, enhancing the overall educational experience for the learners.

How to Calculate Credits on a Matric Certificate

Numeracy and Literacy Credits in the CAT Policy

The table below illustrates when a candidate can be credited for Literacy and Numeracy. Matric certificates and school reports can quantify the levels learners have achieved.

  • In the first line, a candidate who completed Grade 12 with Maths can be credited on any programme from level 1 – 4.

Skills Provider Policies and Learner Management

Include CAT in the assessment policy and link it to your recruitment and selection process. Learner reports and certificates can be collected at the beginning of the application process.

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