Competitive Strategy for Training Companies

We help you drive a strategy for success. From directing an accredited education and training company to establishing a unique education academy.

Development Strategy For Training Businesses. Are you directing an accredited education and training organization or want to establish a unique brand-aligned talent academy?

Accreditation Business Strategy

Combining Education and Development Economics

Together we can shape an aggressive competitive growth and development strategy to mine talent.

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We schedule sessions according to your flow and establish clearly defined outcomes for each conversation. Buckle up because conversations will span economic factors, creative and innovative possibilities and ethics. Leonie’s shrewd questioning techniques will make you think, dispel, and re-calibrate.

“Your passion is, of course, important!  But passion is nothing without purpose. You have an idea, but what’s the purpose and how does it connect to your demonstrated passion?”

A seamless connection between demonstrated passion and consolidated purpose means we can consider strategic moves. Personally, I like aggressive market strategies finely tuned to disrupting competitor segments.

pivotal training marketing

Sound Bites

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

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