204 QCTO Learnership Qualifications for Accreditation

The new QCTO learnership qualifications sweeten the deal for training provider migration to the occupational framework. Select learnership qualifications from this list.

204 QCTO Learnership Qualifications for Accreditation

New Occupational Certificates for QCTO Learnership Qualifications

The new QCTO learnership qualifications sweeten the deal for training provider migration to the occupational framework.

We are excited about the range of QCTO Learnership Qualifications

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is responsible for the development, accreditation, and quality assurance of occupational qualifications in South Africa.

It also structures registered learnerships in various trades and occupations to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in their chosen field.

qcto learnership qualifications accreditation

If you are a training provider embarking on accreditation to offer QCTO learnership qualifications, select occupational certificates from this list!

We’ve also prepared lists of QCTO qualifications according to SETAs:

healers natural health reiki accreditation

18.1 QCTO Learnership Qualifications

18.1 Learnerships are for the employed.

While there are no specific qualifications that can be termed “18.2” or “18.1,” the terms are significant because they imply different learner markets.

Select QCTO learnership qualifications that are relevant to your market.

If you have a corporate database to sell to, then you want to select qualifications that appeal to employers first.

If the same qualifications also appeal to individuals looking for learning opportunities, then you potentially have an 18.2 and RPL market.

Check what SETAs your clients are registered with.

Then identify if there is an extension of scope opportunity for you to offer additional qualifications.

For those clients not registered as SDL contributors, identify SETAs that hold funding potential for them.

Then go for it!

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18.2 Learnership Qualifications

Skills development providers can focus on serving the 18.2 market if they are good at applying for funds.

I adopted this model myself and veered clear of 18.1 learnerships because I was operating in music and live entertainment.

Most graduates in these fields become self-employed, freelancers or find employment in various creative niches.

Training providers can create an operational model where learners are also workers or entrepreneurs.

My learners organised events, managed projects in and around New Town, Johannesburg and pursued their own career goals while attending the learnership.

Each year the different SETAs must meet 18.2 learnership goals.

So consult with your SETA first.

Find out if there is an opportunity to apply for 18.2 funding or if all 18.2 funds are being directed to TVET colleges.

You want to clarify 18.2 goals and avoid a situation where there is only one opportunity to apply for funding from your primary SETA.

If you’re youth, women or a Level One training provider, you should establish a relationship with the QCTO and SETA to address issues of limited 18.2 funding.

I have a model for implementing 18.2 learnerships where unscrupulous employers don’t prey on learners. Mail me if you’re interested.

As a training provider, you can also be an employer and drive learner intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship more effectively.

QCTO Learnership Qualifications Must be Offered by Accredited Skills Providers

Now let’s get into the QCTO learnership qualifications list.

These learnership qualifications must be offered by skills development providers that are accredited for them.

Some of these QCTO Learnership Qualifications are so new that there aren’t yet many training providers for them.

If you’re a learner, you need to do an online search for the qualification to see who pops up.

You must also check the QCTO website for lists of accredited skills development providers throughout South Africa.

The QCTO seems more jacked than SAQA.

How The QCTO Outperforms SAQA

SAQA is horrifically bad at maintaining and updating the National Qualifications Framework.

This means the public of South Africa never has the correct nor the current NQF information.

My SAQA Rant Is Not New

The lack of SAQA commitment to information democracy is an abomination.

Few if any qualifications (it’s impossible to tell) have an updated, complete set of providers listed.

When I engaged with Joe Samuels office, (around 2016) I asked why their information was at least 10 years behind.

They claimed they were only 2 years behind. I beg to differ.

That’s why I say #JoeMustGo.

Is SAQA a Bully?

Why don’t more providers openly question why information is MIA on SAQA?

Does SAQA intimidate skills providers into silence?

Let me know if you have evidence of bullying.

I need to assess and analyse information for strategic decisions, the gaps peeve me off.

QCTO Accreditation is Not Rocket Science: But Will Your Market Lift Off Once Accredited?

My Take on Skills Development Provider QCTO Accreditation

You must go for it!

At least when you are QCTO accredited you won’t be invisible where the market is entitled to find you.

Given that SAQA leadership has no motivation for currency of information, it’s useful to know that a Quality Council has what it takes.

The QCTO makes it easy for stakeholders to use their website and access information.

Our Approach to QCTO Accreditation

Clients often arrive wanting to avoid engaging with the Quality Council themselves.

I’m no fan of this approach because that’s what my most common competitors do.

I have a few amazing stories about what happens when you don’t front with an accreditation consultant.

When I start sharing them, the client quickly adopts a fresh perspective.

Email Leonie and let’s start your accreditation project plan!

Because it’s fairly simple, do it one way and discover open doors or do it another and never know doors even exist.

The best accreditation strategy is integrated with your business during the process.

QCTO Accreditation with Leonie Hall to Dominate Your Market

We flip the reporting process so that clients learn to represent and use the unique documentation created for them.

If you are a new training provider and expect to become accredited without understanding the legislation and learning to run your operations, then your success is a gamble.

Existing training providers who are now migrating to QCTO qualifications, let me hear from you!

Prepare for the process by hiring us to do a market analysis and make suggestions on how to creep in on competitors.

Have you seen the amazing QCTO skills programmes?

It made me think of chocolate!

There are some tasty occupational certificates out there now!

So I think QCTO accreditation is a fantastic decision because you can increase access to meaningful market-related certifications.

If you have a vision to impact the unemployed and people with disabilities, we want to work with you.

For goodness sakes!

Can we have more opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and psycho-social disorders?!

nqf level 8 learnership qualifications qcto

204 QCTO Learnership Qualifications from NQF Level 1 – NQF Level 8

Below are the Occupational qualifications that can be obtained through learnerships by NQF Level. The list begins at NQF level 8 and ends with NQF Level 1.

QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 8 Occupational Certificates

The highest QCTO Learnership Qualifications are at NQF Level 8.

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
118775Occupational CertificateMunicipal Finance Manager872132Q320185317218
117326Occupational CertificatePublic Sector Auditor831532Q320207133158
93624Occupational CertificateTax Professional840032Q320046234008
104623Occupational CertificateWater Infrastructure Manager830432Q320191233048
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 8 Occupational Certificates

SETA and QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 7 Occupational Certificates

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
117238Occupational CertificateFinancial Markets Practitioner718032Q320053151207
119979Advanced Occupational DiplomaMine Manager746032Q320208264607
119266Occupational CertificateMining Engineering Manager748032Q320212154807
93602Occupational CertificateProfessional Principal Executive Officer715032Q320061121507
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 7 Occupational Certificates
nqf level 7 qcto qualifications

QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 6 Occupational Certificates

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
91671Occupational CertificateCompliance Officer624032Q320180182406
117469Occupational CertificateEmbalmer618032Q320165191806
105026Occupational CertificateFinancial advisor651532Q320066225156
97384Occupational CertificateFossil Power Plant Process Controller621032Q320035192106
118791Occupational CertificateGeneral Manager Public Service615032Q3202012341506
97224Occupational CertificateHydro Power Plant Process Controller618932Q320037191896
105021Occupational CertificateInvestment Advisor621332Q320069082135
98920Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Casting and Die-Casting Mouldmaker Master Toolmaker)624032Q320026192406
98827Occupational CertificateMaster Toolmaker (Metal Forming Die Master Toolmaker)624032Q320025182406
97225Occupational CertificateNuclear Power Plant Process Controller623232Q320039142326
94222Occupational CertificateOrganisational Risk Manager (Risk Practitioner)612532Q320052161256
118768Occupational CertificateQuality Manager627032Q320174371706
91789Occupational CertificateRetail Manager: Retail Store Manager650732Q320062395076
94098Occupational CertificateTax Technician639932Q320040263996
118808Occupational CertificateWater Works Management Practitioner629832Q320203212986
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 6 Occupational Certificates
nqf level 6 qualifications qcto

QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 5 Occupational Certificates

The minister communicated a need for more NQF level 5 qualifications to allow more people to access higher levels of education after school.

So it’s great to see so many QCTO Learnership qualifications at NQF level 5.

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
115466Occupational CertificateApparel Pattern designer Assistant54332Q320111020435
115455Occupational CertificateApparel Pattern Maker and Grader 529132Q320112162915
118792Occupational CertificateArtificial Intelligence Software Developer520932Q320159262095
103222Occupational CertificateBuyer511032Q320077121105
117205Occupational CertificateChemical Manufacturing Technician ( Glass Manufacturing)523432Q320075322345
111359Occupational CertificateChemical Plant Controller518032Q320027131805
96368Occupational CertificateClearing and Forwarding Agent512032Q320119151205
99687Occupational CertificateContact Centre Manager528532Q320152342855
118986Occupational CertificateCybersecurity Analyst517332Q320181231735
101570Occupational CertificateDairy Unit Manager541032Q32020344105
117470Occupational CertificateEmbalmer’s Assistant55432Q320164100545
105025Occupational CertificateEmployee and Pension Fund and Befit Adviser511032Q320067071105
103261Occupational CertificateFossil Power Plant Operator554132Q320034175415
115461Occupational CertificateGarment Pattern Development Assistant 510832Q320113041085
105030Occupational CertificateHealth Care Benefits Advisor510232Q320068061025
104458Occupational CertificateHydro Power Plant Operator534032Q320036103405
94701Occupational CertificateInstrumental Mechanician546932Q320183264695
91784Occupational CertificateInsurance Agent:Insurance Underwriter515632Q320055121565
105022Occupational CertificateLong term Insurance Advisor518032Q320070071805
101874Occupational CertificateMaintenance Planner526132Q320031192615
118706Occupational CertificateMarketing Coordinator517532Q320161181755
119283Higher Occupational CertificateMine Overseer520032Q320211122005
103259Occupational CertificateNuclear Power Plant Operator531132Q320038183115
102161Occupational CertificateOffice Administrator544532Q320059364455
91994Occupational CertificateOffice Administrator: Public Service Administrator55232Q320058230525
103151Occupational CertificatePlanner55332Q320080070535
101869Occupational CertificateProject Manager524032Q320065282405
118769Occupational CertificateQuality Assurer 510632Q320162181065
118251Occupational CertificateRecruitment Manager518632Q320175261865
103145Occupational CertificateRetail Buyer513132Q320089151315
103150Occupational CertificateRetail Chain Store Manager510632Q320086241065
119242Occupational CertificateRobotic Processing Automation( RPA) Developer518532Q320187221855
99714Occupational CertificateSafety, Health,Quality Practitioner (Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner)525632Q320063202565
118741Occupational CertificateSmall Business Consultant524432Q320169342445
98890Occupational CertificateSocial Auxilary Worker512932Q320043121295
118707Occupational CertificateSoftware Developer522032Q320167302205
110942Occupational CertificateSupply Chain Practitioner518032Q320044181455
101321Occupational CertificateTraining and Development Practitioner519032Q320041211905
99700Occupational CertificateValuer( Municpal Property Assessor)512032Q320064191205
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 5 Occupational Certificates

QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 4 Occupational Certificates

The most QCTO learnership qualifications are at NQF level 4.

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
118695Occupational CertificateAbattoir Foreman416532Q320200254654
118103Occupational CertificateAncillary Machine Maintenance Assistant410432Q320178081044
102582Occupational CertificateApparel and related Machine Mechanic457632Q3201739345764
104912Occupational CertificateAquaculture Farmer417632Q320201252663
94019Occupational CertificateArmature Winder460732Q320020336074
97990Occupational CertificateAutomotive Motor Mechanic454032Q320003315404
103263Occupational CertificateAuxiliary Fossil Power Plant Operator430832Q30033113084
93626Occupational CertificateBoilermaker439532Q320008173954
93627Occupational CertificateBricklayer436132Q320012263614
94022Occupational CertificateCarpenter436032Q32004223604
102156Occupational CertificateChemical Plant Operator448732Q320028394874
118699Occupational CertificateCloud Administrator414932Q320171191494
102916Occupational CertificateCondensed Liquid Dairy Products Maker418932Q320149101894
102960Occupational CertificateCottage Cheesemaker419032Q320154121904
118708Occupational CertificateData Science Practitioner418532Q320170251855
118788Occupational CertificateDesign Thinking Innovation Lead416032Q320172201604
118705Occupational CertificateDesign Thinking Practitioner410032Q320173161004
98822Occupational CertificateDiesel Fitter454032Q320015285404
97592Occupational CertificateDiesel Mechanic454032Q320007335404
102961Occupational CertificateDried Dairy Products Maker435332Q320150123534
118698Occupational CertificateDry Kiln Operator436632Q320182173664
97542Occupational CertificateEarly Childhood Development Practitioner413132Q320045171314
91761Occupational CertificateElectrician436032Q320006223604
91783Occupational CertificateElectroplater441132Q320021234114
93623Occupational CertificateEngineering Patternmaker436032Q320017233604
102917Occupational CertificateFermented Dairy Products Maker416832Q320151111684
94020Occupational CertificateFitter and Turner454832Q320009225484
103199Occupational CertificateFurniture Upholsterer454932Q320016415494
65949Occupational CertificateFurther Education and Training Certificate: Supervision of Construction Processes418132Q320084181814
99285Occupational CertificateGeological Technician (Marine Mining Geological Technician)432632Q320048113264
99257Occupational CertificateGeological Technician (Surface Mining Geological Technician)456832Q320049145684
99260Occupational CertificateGeological Technician (Underground Mining Geological Technician)454032Q320050145404
94023Occupational CertificateGlazier436032Q320018253604
102497Occupational CertificateHairdresser454032Q320019185404
99668Occupational CertificateInsurance Claims Administrator (Insurance Claims Assessor)413132Q320085191314
119262Occupational CertificateInternet of Things Developer414132Q320184201414
94021Occupational CertificateMechanical Fitter441032Q320013174104
97585Occupational CertificateMillwright469732Q320014336974
119223Occupational CertificateMine Shift Overseer419632Q320210101964
99427Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Material Handler)416832Q320093131684
99509Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Materials Preparer: Lump Ore)48532Q320107040854
99512Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Calcining)410032Q320094051004
99486Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Hydrometallurgy)   411332Q320103051134
99506Occupational CertificateMineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Smelting)410032Q320095051004
98929Occupational CertificateMining Technician (Mine Planning Practitioner)424832Q320098112484
97154Occupational CertificateOccupational Trainer412432Q320057141244
96364Occupational CertificatePanel Beater458332Q320060175834
115509Occupational CertificatePattern Grader 48532Q320114050854
115458Occupational CertificatePattern Making Assistant 47732Q320115070774
99255Occupational CertificatePipe fitter458132Q320002395814
91782Occupational CertificatePlumber436032Q320010173604
103097Occupational CertificateProcessed Cheese Maker413532Q320195091354
117309Occupational CertificateQuality Controller417332Q320196181734
118714Occupational CertificateReal Estate Agent415032Q320166181504
99573Occupational CertificateRetail Supervisor410032Q320087121004
102856Occupational CertificateRigger455932Q320005425594
103129Occupational CertificateRipened Cheesemaker420132Q320147122014
118105Occupational CertificateSewing Machine Maitenance Repairer Technician48632Q320188050864
94182Occupational CertificateVehicle Painter (Automobile and Marine Painter)436632Q320042283664
94100Occupational CertificateWelder437332Q320011333734
116275Occupational CertificateWinemaker’s Assistant415332Q320198191534
118106Occupational CertificateWood Process Machine Operator426632Q320193172664
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 4 Occupational Certificates
qcto accreditation consulting services

SETA Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 3 Occupational Certificates

If you want to tap into 18.2 markets, then NQF level 3 may be a strategic level to focus on.

More learners can access NQF level 3 than 4.

But more employers want learners who qualify for NQF level 4 QCTO learnerships.

Many employers have policies that prevent them from hiring workers, including learners, who don’t have an NQF level 4 qualification such as Matric.

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
118696Occupational CertificateAbattoir Supervisor36432Q320199110643
94202Occupational CertificateBus Driver312032Q320118111203
105011Occupational CertificateDairy Farm Supervisor326632Q320201252663
99446Occupational CertificateDispatching and Receiving Clerk33432Q320079090343
101669Occupational CertificateDragline Operator37532Q3320109080753
98908Occupational CertificateDriller (Directional Driller)310832Q320092111083
98823Occupational CertificateDriller (Exploration Driller)37032Q320091090703
96396Occupational CertificateFreight Handler312232Q320120141223
104990Occupational CertificateGlass Melt Operator316032Q320030071603
103156Occupational CertificateLathe Operator310432Q320024111043
120057Intermediate Ocuupational CertificateMiner318032Q320209111803
104621Occupational CertificateMortician315032Q320163181503
99709Occupational CertificateProduction Operations Supervisor (Forestry)312232Q320186120713
117308Occupational CertificateQuality Inspector34332Q320197050433
99669Occupational CertificateSales Assistant (General) (Retail Sales Advisor)35432Q320088110543
118102Occupational CertificateSewing Machine Mechanic Operator39632Q320189050963
93793Occupational CertificateTruck Driver313032Q320121121303
102003Occupational CertificateUnderground Coal Continuous Miner311032Q320096091103
99688Occupational CertificateVisual Merchandiser33032Q320083080303
102255Occupational CertificateWater Process Controller318132Q320192171813
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 3 Occupational Certificates

QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 2 Occupational Certificates

Employer markets for NQF level 2 QCTO learnership qualifications are difficult to find because employers prefer qualifications at higher NQF levels.

Test your market before committing to this level of QCTO learnership qualifications.

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
105013Occupational CertificateAnnealing Operator211632Q320071051162
104904Occupational CertificateAquaculture Farm Worker27132Q320205120712
104843Occupational CertificateBath Operator26832Q320072050682
103181Occupational CertificateBeaming and Sizing Machine Operator215032Q320135141502
101325Occupational CertificateBraiding Machine Operator216832Q320146121682
99707Occupational CertificateCheckout Operator23532Q320078090352
117307Occupational CertificateChemical Production Machine Operator213432Q320073181342
101366Occupational CertificateCoal Cutter Operator: Underground Coal26832Q320051090682
110671Occupational CertificateContainer Glass forming Operator21832Q320074051082
99689Occupational CertificateCrane or Hoist Operator (Onsetter)25132Q30047060512
103183Occupational CertificateCreeling and Warping Machine Operator215032Q320136141502
99379Occupational CertificateDriller25632Q320110080562
101712Occupational CertificateDump Truck Operator25432Q320090080542
102147Occupational CertificateFacilities Manager226232Q320153292616
110932Occupational CertificateFishing Hand27932Q320117190792
99692Occupational CertificateGarden Worker26932Q320160140692
104822Occupational CertificateGlass Forming Operator232432Q320029143242
101677Occupational CertificateHydraulic Rock Breaker Operator25432Q320105080542
101671Occupational CertificateLoader Operator25632Q320106080562
103146Occupational CertificateMan-made Fibre Extrusion Machine Operator218032Q320148121802
103143Occupational CertificateMan-made Fibre Texturing Production Machine Operator218032Q320137121802
99704Occupational CertificateMining Operator (Drill Rig Operator: Underground Coal)27032Q320102100702
99702Occupational CertificateMining Operator (Hauling Equipment Operator: Underground Coal)26632Q320101090662
99706Occupational CertificateMining Operator (Loading Equipment Operator: Underground Coal)26432Q320100090642
112283Occupational CertificateMobile Explosives Manufacturing Unit Operator24832Q320032070482
103149Occupational CertificateNon-woven Thermo-Bonding Textile Production Machine Operator216432Q320138121642
118789Occupational CertificateQuality Test Automator217932Q320168251795
103179Occupational CertificateRingframe Spinning and Yarn Packaging Machine Operator215632Q320138121682
99252Occupational CertificateRock Drill Operator23032Q320099060302
103152Occupational CertificateRotor Spinning and Yarn Packaging Machine Operator216232Q320140191622
99708Occupational CertificateService Station Attendant22832Q320081060282
118099Occupational CertificateSewing Machine Mechanic Repairer210032Q320190041002
97238Occupational CertificateSewing Machine Operator 212832Q320116121282
101688Occupational CertificateSkid Steer Loader Operator24832Q320097080482
103180Occupational CertificateSpeciality Yarn Assembly Machine Operator211432Q320141131142
104842Occupational CertificateSpout Operator26832Q320076050682
99703Occupational CertificateStore Person24132Q320082110412
103154Occupational CertificateTextile Blowroom and Carding Machine Operator216032Q320142211602
103182Occupational CertificateTextile Carding and Drawframe Machine Operator215732Q320143211572
103221Occupational CertificateTextile Drawframe and Speedframe Machine Operator215932Q320144211592
103148Occupational CertificateTextile Dry Finishing and Heat Setting Machine Operator217032Q320145121702
103184Occupational CertificateTextile Dry Fringing Machine Operator215032Q320133121502
103147Occupational CertificateTextile Dry Product Surface Preparation Machine217032Q3320132121702
103153Occupational CertificateTextile Sliver Lap, Combing and Drawframe Machine Operator219532Q320131301952
103186Occupational CertificateTextile Wet Process Coating Machine Operator218032Q320130141802
101278Occupational CertificateTextile Wet Process Dyeing Machine Operator216832Q320129121682
103144Occupational CertificateTextile Wet Process Preparation Machine Operator218032Q320128131802
101367Occupational CertificateTextile Wet Process Printing Machine Operator216832Q320127141682
103188Occupational CertificateTextile Wet Product Finishing Machine Operator218032Q320126141802
103142Occupational CertificateTooling Machinist245732Q320023324575
101404Occupational CertificateTufting Machine Operator218032Q320122121802
102005Occupational CertificateUnderground Coal Roof Bolt Operator27432Q320108110742
101371Occupational CertificateWarp Knitting Machine Operator217032Q3320123121702
101384Occupational CertificateWeaving Machine Operator218032Q320124141802
101374Occupational CertificateWeft Knitting Machine Operator217032Q3320125131702
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 2 Occupational Certificates

SETA Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 1 Occupational Certificates

NQF level 1 is pretty basic.

So is the employer market for NQF level 1 QCTO learnership qualifications.

If I’m your accreditation consultant, I’m going to test your marketing strategy.

If you don’t have one, we’ll estrablish if one is possible for you.

I like entry-level NQF-level qualifications for poverty reduction projects.

So if you’re a development organisation that participates in government projects, let’s talk about maximising your NQF level 1 to 3 outputs.

SAQA IDQualification TypeQCTO Learnership QualificationNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
118712Occupational CertificateAbove Surface Cleaner 14632Q320176090461
118711Occupational CertificateCommercial Ablution Cleaner 14632Q320155090461
118709Occupational CertificateCommercial Cleaner112032Q320156221201
118713Occupational CertificateCommercial Floor Cleaner14932Q320157090491
118710Occupational CertificateCommercial Kitchenette Cleaner14732Q320158090471
QCTO Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 1 Occupational Certificates

Selecting QCTO Learnership Qualifications for Accreditation

Smart skills development providers make market-related decisions.

They ask what their markets want then show them how that is just the beginning.

For example, you may have a client who approached you to deliver NQF level 5 QCTO learnership qualifications.

Tell them they get a better deal if they register for NQF level 5 and 6 learnerships for consecutive years. Then keep them coming back for NQF level 7 and 8 QCTO learnership qualifications!

Play the Long Game with QCTO Learnership Qualifications

Don’t get accredited for 3 NQF level 4 QCTO Learnerships.

Rather select a combination of levels to create learning paths that advance career development.

I use my skills in economic analysis to help you identify the most suitable QCTO Learnership qualifications for your organisation to become accredited.

We identify the skills shortages you can address to gain a market edge.

We also align your business goals to sector development strategies and government policy.

This information identifies who you can promote your QCTO learnership qualifications to.

Unique Market Insights for Your QCTO Learnership Qualifications: Accreditation and Extension of Scope

My knowledge of stakeholder engagement and competition economics means you get real bang for buck.

The competitor analysis we provide will shock you!

With more than a decade of experience, our skills in website analysis and search engine optimization will blow your mind.

Let’s join forces and successfully launch your QCTO learnership qualifications!

Click to view the Learnership Qualifications list on the QCTO website.

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