Promoting Education and Training: How to Activate Interest

Strategic content marketing specialists for education and training organisations. Attract web traffic, raise interest levels and increase sales.

Promoting Education and Training Requires a Highly Competitive Strategy. With many organizations vying for attention, you want to be sure to stand out!

If Content is King and Creativity is Queen

in Social Media Marketing

How do YOU tap into the BOOMING Social media ENERGY?

Promoting Education and Training: MARKETING STRATEGY

Attract web traffic and increase sales, investment or funding possibilities.

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

Promoting Education and Training Now!

Social Media collateral for R 14 000 includes

  • 8 posts ranging from 200 – 800 words
  • a 7 day social share calendar containing pre-formatted tweets so you can cut and paste.

*subject to terms and conditions

For your blog posts, we’ll construct a content calendar and a matching SEO strategy.

All posts include SEO standards and are structured for reader ease and access.

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