Services for Learnership Wellness 5 Hours to Supercharge Success


Our “Manage Your Future” workshop focuses on learnership wellness, providing participants with comprehensive support to enhance their career readiness.

Services for Learnership Wellness 5 Hours to Supercharge Success.

18.2 Learnership Wellness Services to Improve Employment Outcomes

Unlock the potential of your learnership and apprenticeship programs with our newly expanded “Manage Your Future” Bootcamp.

Through our learnership wellness services, unemployed learners gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate the job market successfully.

18.2 Learnership Wellness Bootcamp: Manage Your Future in 5 Hours

Specifically designed for unemployed learners (18.2 designations), this comprehensive 5-hour workshop provides participants with actionable career plans and essential skills to transition successfully into the workforce.

With a focus on improving employment outcomes, our bootcamp offers in-depth career development support, industry insights, and practical tools to ensure your learners are job-ready and confident.

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5 Reasons Why Your 18.2 Learnerships Need Our Bootcamp

Comprehensive Support and Guidance for Overall Learnership Wellness

The learnership wellness workshop helps participants gather additional evidence for their Portfolio of Evidence.

This often targets the qualification critical cross-field and exit-level outcomes.

1. Learnership Wellness Workshop Programme:

Our 5-hour workshop allows for a thorough exploration of career planning and professional development.

We unpack their occupational qualification to ensure learners receive detailed guidance and support covering all critical aspects of career readiness.

2. Tailored for 18.2 Learnerships:

This workshop is specifically designed for unemployed candidates so that we can address their unique challenges.

We provide the necessary tools and strategies to help them navigate the job market and secure meaningful employment.

3. Boost Employment Success Rate:

By focusing on practical career planning and industry alignment, we prepare learners to meet industry demands.

This enhances their employability and supports long-term career success.

Our workshop’s commitment to learnership wellness includes helping learners create effective CVs and professional profiles for various career paths.

4. Holistic Career Development:

We incorporate comprehensive career planning exercises, enabling learners to craft detailed personal development plans and explore various career paths aligned with their qualifications and interests.

5. Enhanced Industry Connections:

Participating in our bootcamp helps employers and training providers strengthen their industry ties and improve their standing with Quality Councils, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Help Learners Get Job-Ready with Our 18.2 Learnership Bootcamp

Through our learnership wellness services, unemployed learners gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate the job market successfully.

Practical Career Path Planning

Our learnership bootcamp provides learners with the tools to align their qualification outcomes with potential career paths, enhancing their readiness for industry demands and opportunities.

This includes understanding specific career paths their qualifications prepare them for, meeting industry expectations, and tapping into industry opportunities and trends.

CV and Profile Building

Participants learn how to create compelling CVs and professional profiles, whether they aim to become employees, entrepreneurs, or freelancers in the gig economy.

We emphasize the importance of networking and making connections, helping learners effectively signal their availability to employment or business markets.

Personal Development Plans

A significant component of the workshop is guiding learners through the process of writing detailed personal development plans.

This exercise helps them map out their career paths and set achievable goals, ensuring continuous professional growth.

Portfolio of Evidence (POE) Development

Our structured workshop activities assist learners in gathering additional evidence for their Portfolio of Evidence (POE), if required.

This not only prepares them for the job market but also enhances their qualifications and credibility.

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What’s Inside Our 18.2 Learnership Bootcamp?

1. Learner Induction and Exit Workshops:

Our bootcamps are adaptable to different stages of the learnership or apprenticeship journey to provide relevant and targeted support.

So whether learners are just starting out or preparing to enter the workforce, the workshop is adapted for their stage of the journey.

2. Industry-Specific Insights:

We offer insights into industry-specific trends and expectations, helping learners understand what is required to succeed in their chosen fields.

This includes practical advice on how to meet these expectations and leverage industry opportunities.

3. Networking Opportunities:

We teach learners how to effectively network and connect with industry professionals, enhancing their chances of securing employment or business opportunities.

18.2 Learnership Bootcamp: 5-Hour or 3-Hour Options Available

For groups with less than 9 learners, we offer a shorter, yet equally impactful 3-hour workshop.

This option is ideal for employers and training providers who want to provide their learners with essential career planning tools in a condensed timeframe.

Supercharge Your 18.2 Learnership Success

Our “Manage Your Future” Workshop is available at R12,000 per group of 10 learners or less for the 5-hour session.

The engaging and interactive workshop, led by Leonie Hall, author and owner of Keep Climbing, ensures that your learners are job-ready and confident in their abilities.

For smaller groups, the 3-hour workshop offers a focused and efficient alternative to meet your training needs.

Book Now: Transform your learnership and apprenticeship programmes by investing in our comprehensive wellness services at 7Sundays.

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“Manage Your Future” for Learnership Wellness

The “Manage Your Future” workshop falls into the wellness category because it addresses multiple dimensions of learner well-being, particularly in the context of career development and personal growth.

Here’s how it aligns with the concept of wellness:

Emotional Wellness

1. Building Confidence:

The workshop aims to boost learners’ self-esteem and confidence by equipping them with the tools to navigate the job market successfully.

This emotional support helps reduce anxiety and build a positive outlook on their career prospects.

Intellectual Wellness

2. Skill Development:

Participants engage in comprehensive career planning exercises, enhancing their intellectual wellness by developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This intellectual growth prepares them for the complexities of the professional world.

Occupational Wellness

3. Career Preparedness:

The workshop focuses on preparing learners for the workforce, a key component of occupational wellness.

By aligning their qualifications with career paths and teaching them how to create effective CVs and professional profiles, it enhances their readiness for employment.

Social Wellness

4. Networking Opportunities:

Learners are taught how to effectively network and connect with industry professionals. This social interaction fosters a sense of community and belonging, which is vital for social wellness.

Financial Wellness

5. Employment Success:

By improving learners’ employability and helping them secure meaningful employment, the workshop contributes to their financial stability and independence, which are crucial aspects of financial wellness.

Personal Wellness

6. Personal Development Plans:

The creation of personal development plans encourages learners to set and achieve personal and professional goals, promoting a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.

Holistic Wellness Approach

7. Comprehensive Support:

The workshop offers a holistic approach to wellness by addressing the learners’ emotional, intellectual, occupational, social, and financial needs.

This comprehensive support system ensures that learners are well-rounded and prepared for various life challenges.

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Adaptability and Customization

8. Flexible Options:

With both 3-hour and 5-hour workshop options, the program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different groups, ensuring that each learner receives the appropriate level of support and engagement.

Community and Industry Connections

9. Strengthening Industry Ties:

Employers and training providers benefit from the workshop by enhancing their industry connections and improving their standing with Quality Councils.

This community involvement contributes to a supportive learning environment.

Practical and Evidence-Based

10. Portfolio of Evidence (POE):

The workshop includes activities that help learners gather evidence for their Portfolio of Evidence (POE), ensuring they have tangible proof of their skills and achievements, which is essential for their professional wellness.

By integrating these elements, the “Manage Your Future” workshop promotes overall wellness, making it a valuable addition to any learnership or apprenticeship program focused on enhancing learner outcomes and well-being.

18.2 Learnership Wellness: Your Bootcamp for Better Employment Outcomes

Our 18.2 Learnership Wellness Services are designed to improve employment outcomes by providing unemployed learners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in the workforce.

With our expanded 5-hour workshop and flexible 3-hour option, we offer in-depth support and practical tools to ensure your learners are prepared to meet industry demands and achieve their career goals.

Invest in your learners’ futures today and see the transformative impact of our “Manage Your Future” Bootcamp.


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