18.1 18.2 Learnerships and Apprenticeships Workshop


A highly engaging workshop for 18.1 or 18.2 learnerships and apprenticeships. “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” effectively connects qualifications to career paths.

Give learnerships and apprenticeships an extra boost! The “Manage Your Future Workshop” helps youth navigate the labour market and fish for opportunities. This three-hour workshop helps learners craft action plans for the future. They leave with tools to start their career plan with a bang!

Learnerships and Apprenticeships Services to Improve Employment Outcomes

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In many cases, employers face limitations in providing extended employment opportunities to unemployed individuals or graduates of 18.2 learnerships and apprenticeships. Nevertheless, through the incorporation of career planning exercises into their programs, employers effectively contribute to the professional development of both 18.1 and 18.2 learners.

Furthermore, these employers also strengthen their industry connections and can elevate their standing with Quality Councils. Therefore this Bootcamp serves as a pivotal platform for guiding learner career paths. It ultimately results in mutual benefits for both the learners and the hosting organization.

The “Manage Your Future” Bootcamp for Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Leonie assists employers and training organisations in managing learner expectations and driving a commitment to learning.

You can help learners understand how learnerships and apprenticeships are fitness programmes for ripe opportunities. Learnerships and apprenticeships tend to address skills shortages, therefore we must help learners master the art of finding and securing livelihood opportunities.

A Learner Induction or Learner Exit Workshop

The Bootcamp is adjusted for different needs and objectives relevant to the learnership/apprenticeship programme.

The learnership or apprenticeship qualification is the basis of the workshop. Learners align exit-level outcomes to potential career paths during the “Manage Your Future Bootcamp.” These structured workshop activities also facilitate additional evidence for their POE if this is a desired outcome.

Book the Professional Development Programme for Learnerships and Apprenticeships

It takes three hours to cover the topics and allows time for learners to also do work that can be included in their Portfolio of Evidence.

  1. Qualification and Industry
    • The career paths that the qualification prepares you for.
    • Meeting industry expectations.
    • Tapping into industry opportunities and trends.
  2. CV’s or Profiles: Employees, Entrepreneurs and the Gig Economy
    • How to be busy spreading your wings and not “be busy being unemployed!”
    • Taking advantage of networking and connecting opportunities.
    • How to signal availability to employment or business markets.
  3. Manage Your future
    • Write a personal development plan.
    • Plan a career path.

career pathing for learnerships and apprenticeships

Book The Manage Your Future Workshop for Learnerships and Apprenticeships: R8000 per 15 Learners

This is a highly engaging workshop with Leonie Hall, author of Keep Climbing.

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