Managing 18.2 Learnerships and Apprenticeships


Learnerships and apprenticeships have two primary target groups, the employed (18.1) and the unemployed (18.2). It’s important to manage expectations in a way that ensures learners take ownership of their development.


Most employers can’t offer long term opportunity.

What can you do for participants you can’t employ?

“Manage your future” Bootcamp

Leonie assists employers and training organisations in managing learner expectations and committment.

Let’s ensure learners understand how learnerships and apprenticeships are fitness programmes for opportunity.

From induction to exit, the programme is adjusted for different needs and objectives. 

Learner Programme

It takes three hours to cover the topics and allows time for learners to do some work to be included in their Portfolio of Evidence.

  1. Qualification and industry
    • what the qualification prepares you for
    • industry expectations
    • industry opportunities and trends
  2. CV’s or profiles: employees, entrepreneurs and the gig economy
    • what ya’ gonna do? Options!
    • how to signal availability to employment or business markets
    • networking
  3. Managing your future
    • personal development plan
    • career planning


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