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Managing learnerships and apprenticeships for positive outcomes is easier with our “Manage Your Future Bootcamp.” Supercharge 18.1 and 18.2 learnerships.

Are you managing Learnerships? Give 18.2 learnerships and apprenticeships an extra boost! The “Manage Your Future Workshop” helps youth navigate the labour market and fish for opportunities.

Managing 18.2 Learnerships and Apprenticeships to Improve Employment Outcomes

Are you managing learnerships and apprenticeships for unemployed youth?

Managing Learnerships for Positive Outcomes Just Became Easier!

Improve the livelihood potential for unemployed learnership candidates.

This workshop can be adapted to support candidate induction onto an 18.2 learnership programme or as part of an exit programme.

The 3-hour workshop develops action plans for the future.

Learners leave with tools to start their career plans with a bang!

Learnerships with the 18.2 designations are for the unemployed.

Many learnership graduates still struggle to find employment after completing a learnership.

When 18.2 learnerships achieve a high employment success rate, it becomes an amazing marketing story for all stakeholders.

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Solutions for Managing Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Do you face limitations in providing extended employment opportunities to unemployed individuals or graduates of 18.2 learnerships and apprenticeships?

Or are you struggling with high dropout rates in your 18.2 Learnership programs? 

These are significant challenges that impact your business’s bottom line and reputation.

The lack of job readiness among learners can lead to frustration and disengagement.

But with the incorporation of career planning exercises into their programs, employers effectively contribute to the professional development of 18.1 and 18.2 learners.

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The Bootcamp for Managing Learnerships for Better Employment Outcomes

The Bootcamp for 18.2 Learnerships also strengthens your industry connections and elevates your standing with the Quality Council or funder.

This Bootcamp is an opportunity for a pivotal platform to provide career guidance to learners.

It ultimately results in mutual benefits for the learners and the learnership hosting organization.

The “Manage Your Future” Bootcamp for Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Leonie assists employers and training organisations in managing learner expectations and driving a commitment to learning.

You can help learners understand how learnerships and apprenticeships are fitness programmes for ripe opportunities.

Learnerships and apprenticeships tend to address skills shortages, therefore we must help learners master the art of finding and securing livelihood opportunities.

A Learner Induction or Learner Exit Workshop

The Bootcamp is adjusted for different needs and objectives relevant to the learnership and apprenticeship programme.

The learnership or apprenticeship qualification is the basis of the workshop.

Learners align exit-level outcomes to potential career paths during the “Manage Your Future Bootcamp.”

These structured workshop activities also facilitate additional evidence for their POE if this is a desired outcome.

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Book our Professional Development Programme when Managing Learnerships

Imagine your learners as highly motivated, job-ready, and aligned with industry expectations.

This translates to better employment outcomes, increased learner satisfaction, and a stronger reputation for your organization.

Boosting Organisations Capacity for Managing Learnerships and Apprenticeships

This short learnership workshop is suitable for groups of 9 or less.

It takes three hours to cover the topics and allows time for learners to also do work that can be included in their Portfolio of Evidence.

  1. Qualification and Industry
    • The career paths that the qualification prepares you for.
    • Meeting industry expectations.
    • Tapping into industry opportunities and trends.
  2. CV’s or Profiles: Employees, Entrepreneurs and the Gig Economy
    • How to be busy spreading your wings and not “be busy being unemployed!”
    • Taking advantage of networking and connecting opportunities.
    • How to signal availability to employment or business markets.
  3. Manage Your future
    • Write a personal development plan.
    • Plan a career path.

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Book The Manage Your Future Workshop for Learnerships and Apprenticeships: R8000 per group of 10 Learners

This is a highly engaging workshop with Leonie Hall, author and owner of Keep Climbing.

Don’t let your Learnership investment go to waste.

Partner with us to empower your learners and achieve better results.

Our Bootcamp is tailored specifically for 18.2 learnerships, offering a structured curriculum and expert guidance.

Invest in the future of your learners and your organization today.

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Managing Learnerships with 7Sundays Support

We offer complete management of the 18.1 and 18.2 learnership process, from recruitment and compliance to training coordination and assessment management.

Our services ensure that every aspect of your learnership program runs smoothly and efficiently, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens.

Navigating SETA requirements and ensuring workplace compliance for learnerships can be daunting.

We handle all the regulatory aspects, ensuring your learnerships meet all legislative standards.

Our expertise in compliance and quality assurance guarantees that your programs are effective and legally sound.

Maximizing B-BBEE Benefits with Learnerships

Learnerships are a crucial component of the B-BBEE scorecard.

We help you maximize your B-BBEE points through effective learnership implementation, contributing to your overall score and opening up new business opportunities.


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