NQF Level 8 Learnership Qualifications Here Now

It is fantastic to find that NQF Level 8 Learnership qualifications are creeping into the market. Here's what they are so that you can tap in and qualify.

NQF Level 8 Learnership Qualifications for Professionals

It is fantastic to find that NQF Level 8 Learnership qualifications are creeping into the market. Watch this space as the qualification numbers increase! 🙂

I am particularly excited by NQF Level 8 Learnership qualifications because it gives learnership pathways more status. When we eventually see a learnership at NQF level 10 then you know we’re making exciting inroads into a pro-poor education system.

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The Bad News for NQF Level 8 Learnership Qualifications:

There are currently only three! I’m so sorry! If you’re an organization that wants to develop a new occupational qualification, contact the QCTO now.

What is the Highest NQF Level for Learnerships?

It currently appears to be NQF level 8. But follow 7Sundays for updates and we’ll keep you posted.

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NQF Level 8 Learnership Qualifications

SETA Learnership Qualifications NQF Level 8 Occupational Certificates

SAQA IDQualification DescriptorNQF LevelMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
118775Municipal Finance Manager872132Q320185317218
93624Tax Professional840032Q320046234008
104623Water Infrastructure Manager830432Q320191233048
NQF Level 8 Learnerships

As you can see, we currently only have NQF L8 SETA Learnership qualifications for Municipal Finance Managers, Tax Professionals and Water Infrastructure Managers. Let’s hope there are some electrical infrastructure management qualifications coming too hey?!

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Occupational Certificate: Municipal Finance Manager

The QCTO development quality partner for this qualification was the LGSETA which is the SETA for Local Government.

Occupational Certificate: Tax Professional 

Now here’s the problem, I couldn’t find “93624” but found “118776.”

Occupational Certificate: Water Infrastructure Manager

You’d swear I was using ChatGPT to do my research! Yet I used the QCTO website, I promise! So perhaps this qualification is not yet discoverable because it’s so fresh. Sigh, going to have to look into this further!

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