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Promoting Accredited Training

Internet ranking and low cost competitive strategies has become big business. With over 15 million social media users in South Africa, how can education, training and development organisations compete and curate content to channel them?

Attracting or Boring Markets?

Since starting a blog about education, training and economic development issues in 2010, I’ve learnt extensively about how various market segments search for information and what they find useful. I’ve seen how a range of content strategies are required before a natural, consistent traffic flow is established, ranking you on page 1 of google searches.

Want that?


A firm belief in education and training as an important driver of social and economic change, means I want to help E&T organisations grow.

I have a special package for those who need an immediate content boost or start-up fuel injections for emerging organisations.

Tap in!

Attract web traffic and increase sales or funding possibilities

Social Media is readily used at least once a day by over 40% of South African’s, predominantly through mobile phones.

(QWERTY: Digital Statistics in South Africa 2017)

Customised content strategies can position your products and services ahead of the pack. Give people reasons to follow your news and respond to your promotions. The more they share within their networks, the more you increase opportunity.

Bring on the traffic!

I’ve studied the top South African education and training organisation websites and have designed a content strategy to disrupt dominance.

Set up for spring by signing up for the following promotion:

10 Posts for R 6 000

  • posts range from 300 – 800 words 

  • organisations compile material (learning guides, graphics, quotes, information etc) they want posts to be based on

  • includes SEO and social sharing recommendations

  • this promotion does not include researching topics

Market Accredited Education and Training Like A Ninja

Designing a Competitive Education and Training Business Strategy

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