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Managing Funded Learnerships from different SETAs

Conflict among learners can emerge at organisations who run different SETA interventions. Here’s some advice on how to practice damage control.

Different Funding can mean Different Stipends

Two SETAs can fund the same qualification. This means one provider can roll out a qualification based on different funding obligations for the same intervention.

When group A finds out independently that group B is being paid differently, chances are high there will be an aggrieved group.

They should be grateful they are even getting a stipend!

Perceptions of fairness trumps gratitude, prove me wrong! 😉

How to Mitigate

  1. Negotiate better stipends for your learners. Try avoid stipends under R 2500 

  2. Define rules and responsibilities related to stipends and explain why funding varies across interventions

  3. Avoid misinformation by stating stipends upfront, before interviews, in recruitment adverts.

  4. Explain contractual expectations in simple terms.

  5. Always provide learners with a copy of their contract, refer to these in discussions.

Don’t take a hard line on stipend issues

  • When you’re responsible for issuing stipends, it’s your responsibility to look after learners best interests.
    • Understand learner contexts and ask them what you can do to make things easier when they complain about challenges. 
  • Legislated stipend minimums are not rules for how much you can pay.
    • If your business context is corporate and learners are required to dress accordingly, you need to accommodate this dress code in the stipend. Disabled candidates often have different transport needs, accommodate this expense.
  • Be fair, transparent and available for discussion

Funded interventions are vital for our economic growth and citizen’s prosperity.

Let’s keep the accredited community growing sustainable businesses that meet current and future growth needs.

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Comments (2)

  1. Hi I was in a learnership at one of the big banks in 2016, when the learnership ended we were a given another slightly different learnership contract, so I have been on 2 learnership for 2 consecutive years now. our contract is ending in 2 weeks and instead of taking us permanent, they are replacing us with other learners. we were not treated fairly from the beginning, we are forced to work over time, public holidays and night shift without an allowance and transport. I want to know if I can go to labour or ccma to lodge a complain, if I might have a case against the bank?

    1. Leonie Hall

      Report it to the CCMA, BankSETA and the DHET, also go to the banking union.

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