The Best List of Policies for Accreditation

A checklist of 30 policies and procedures that will help organisations prepare an accreditation submission. This list helps you create your brilliant QMS!

A checklist of 30 policies and procedures to help organizations prepare their accreditation portfolio of evidence.

Policies to help you prepare your accreditation portfolio of evidence.

Policies, Procedures and Strategies Frame Quality Management

This list of 30 policies and procedures is a great framework for a thorough approach to quality managing your training procedures, policies, and overarching systems.

SETAs Have Priority Areas that Can Impact Policies

Remember that each SETA and individual quality councils require their own individual tweaks according to sector needs. It is important to stress how you meet and nurture certain priority groups such as:

  • the unemployed
  • the youth
  • people with disabilities
  • rural and peri-urban communities
  • unqualified employed candidates

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Checklist: 30 Policies and Procedures for Accreditation

  1. Firstly, document the strategic vision and goals for the organization in a Business Plan.
  2. Quality Policy: Create a set of standards to ensure excellence and quality assurance.
  3. Human Resource Policy: Establish guidelines to govern the management of the organization’s workforce.
  4. Staff Recruitment and Selection Procedure: Employ a systematic approach to hiring new staff members.
  5. Performance Procedure: Implement a process to evaluate and enhance staff performance.
  6. Staff Training and Development Procedure: Develop a framework for continuous improvement and skill enhancement.
  7. Staff and Learner Grievance Procedure: Establish a fair and timely resolution process for concerns and disputes.
  8. Administration Policy: Guidelines for the efficient functioning of administrative processes.
  9. Administration Procedure: Step-by-step approach to executing administrative tasks.
  10. Financial Policy: Document outlining the financial principles and goals of the organization.
  11. Financial Procedures: Structured process for financial management.
  12. Budget: Allocation of resources in a strategic manner to achieve organizational objectives.
  13. Customer and Marketing Policy
  14. Reporting Policy
  15. Reporting Procedures
  16. Policy on Programme Development, Delivery and Evaluation
  17. Policy on Learner Management
  18. Procedure to recruit and select learners
  19. Procedure to support learners during learning
  20. Policy on Managing Workplace Learning
  21. Procedure to mentor learners
  22. Policy on Assessment
  23. Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
  24. Moderation Policy
  25. Appeals Procedure
  26. The Registration of Assessors and Moderators
  27. Policy on Monitoring, Evaluation and Reviewing the QMS
  28. Monitoring and Evaluation Procedure
  29. Procedure to review the QMS
  30. Procedure for revisions to QMS
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