The Amazing Learner Wellness Programme: Future-fit in 5

Our "Manage Your Future Bootcamp" offers a comprehensive learner wellness programme to equip learners with the skills to succeed in the workforce.

We are proud to present an amazing Learner Wellness Programme for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Higher Education.

A Powerful Learner Wellness Programme for Skills Development

The “Manage Your Future Bootcamp,” is our holistic learner wellness programme for 18.1 and 18.2 learners.

This 5-hour session focussed on career planning, CV creation, and networking, is guided by expert Leonie Hall.

We support learnership providers by enhancing learner employability and preparedness for successful career transitions.

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The 5-Hour Future Learner Wellness Programme

The “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” is a comprehensive learner wellness programme for learnerships, apprenticeships and higher education..

This 5-hour workshop offers tailored career planning, CV building, networking strategies, and industry insights to boost employability and confidence.

Transform Learner Outcomes with Our “Manage Your Future Bootcamp”

The Ultimate Learner Wellness Programme for Employers and Training Providers

Are you an employer or training provider seeking effective solutions to enhance learner outcomes and address unemployment?

Our “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” offers a comprehensive learner wellness programme.

We designed it to equip your learners with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the workforce.

Why Choose Our Learner Wellness Programme?

We adopt a holistic, personalized, and engagement-focused approach.

This makes our learner wellness programme well-positioned to address the challenges faced by employed and unemployed learners.

This ultimately enhances their employability and career success.

Address Unemployment Head-On

Employers and training providers often face the challenge of helping learners transition from education to employment.

This transition can be difficult without the right support structures in place.

Many graduates of learnerships and apprenticeships struggle to find meaningful employment.

They frequently lack the practical skills, confidence, and industry connections to secure job opportunities.

Without proper career planning and guidance, learners may face extended periods of unemployment.

This impacts the learners’ financial stability and motivation.

But most of all, it also reflects on the effectiveness of the learnership programs provided by employers and training institutions.

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Book the Learner Wellness Programme Address Issues in 5 Hours

The “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” is designed to tackle these challenges.

This 5-hour intensive workshop provides a robust learner wellness programme.

We prepare learners for the job market by equipping them with essential skills and actionable career plans.

What’s FAB About the Learner Wellness Programme?

This table summarises the main features, advantages and benefits of booking our Learner Wellness Programme Services.

Comprehensive 5-Hour WorkshopProvides an in-depth exploration of career readiness and wellness.Learners gain a thorough understanding of career planning. This boosts their employability and confidence.
Tailored Career Planning ExercisesHelps learners align their qualifications with actionable career paths.Each learner has a clear, personalized roadmap to follow. This increases their chances of success in the job market.
CV Building and Professional Profile DevelopmentEquips learners with the skills to create compelling CVs and professional profiles.Enhances the learners’ ability to stand out to potential employers, improving their job application success rate.
Effective Networking StrategiesTeaches learners how to connect with industry professionals and build robust networks.Opens up hidden job markets and opportunities, making it easier for learners to find employment.
Personal Development Plan GuidanceProvides tools and frameworks for setting and achieving personal and professional goals.Fosters continuous personal and professional growth, ensuring long-term career development and satisfaction.
Insights into Industry Trends and ExpectationsKeeps learners informed about current and emerging industry demands.Prepares learners to meet industry needs. This makes them more attractive to employers and better equipped to capitalize on job opportunities.
Support for Portfolio of Evidence (POE) DevelopmentAssists learners in gathering additional evidence for their qualifications.Enhances their qualifications and credibility, which can be critical in securing job placements.
Adaptable Workshop FormatsOffers both 5-hour and 3-hour workshop options to suit different group sizes and needs.Provides flexibility to employers and training providers. This means learners receive the necessary support regardless of group size.
Led by Experienced Facilitator Leonie HallUtilizes the expertise of a renowned career coach and author.Learners benefit from high-quality, professional guidance, increasing the effectiveness of the workshop.
Focus on Emotional and Social WellnessBuilds confidence and reduces anxiety through supportive career readiness exercises.Learners are more motivated and emotionally prepared to enter the workforce, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.
Learner Wellness Programme FAB Table
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18.1 and 18.2 Learner Wellness Programme

The “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” provides a comprehensive learner wellness programme.

We address the needs of employed learners (18.1) and unemployed learners (18.2).

This benefits the learners and the organizations that support them.

Revolutionize Your Learners’ Careers in Just One Day!

Our workshop provides transformative career planning to help learners align their qualifications with actionable career paths.

This helps ensure they are prepared to meet industry demands.

Boost Learner Employability Instantly!

We lead with practical skills such as CV building, professional networking, and interview preparation.

It means learners leave our workshop with enhanced employability and the confidence to succeed.

Network Like a Pro – Empower Your Learners!

Effective networking is crucial for career success.

Let’s teach learners how to connect with industry professionals, access hidden job markets, and build strong professional networks.

Personal Development: The Key to Lifelong Success

We guide learners in creating detailed personal development plans to foster continuous professional growth.

This boosts their confidence to navigate the job market successfully.

Industry Insights: Equip Learners for the Future

Our workshop provides valuable insights into industry trends and expectations, ensuring learners are well-informed and prepared to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Comprehensive Support at Every Stage

Whether your learners are just starting their programs or preparing to enter the workforce, our workshop offers tailored support.

We meet their specific needs and ensure successful outcomes.

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Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs

Because this is an engaging workshop driven by activities and verbal exchanges, more time is required for larger learner groups.

For Groups of 10 Learners or More

Invest in your learners’ futures with our 5-hour “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” at R12,000 per group.

This session offers an in-depth exploration of career readiness and wellness.

For Smaller Groups

For groups with fewer than 10 learners, our 3-hour workshop is a focused, efficient alternative.

It delivers essential career planning tools and support.

Ideal for employers and training providers with smaller cohorts.

Book Now to Transform Learner Outcomes!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your learnership and apprenticeship programmes with our comprehensive learner wellness programme.

Book the “Manage Your Future Bootcamp” today and equip your learners with the skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce.

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Book Our Learner Wellness Programme for Higher Education

Our boot camp encourages active involvement through interactive career planning, networking exercises, and personal development plans.

This keeps the action upbeat and has learners fully engaged.

“Sustaining Student Wellness in Higher Educational Institutions:

Possible Design Principles and Implementation Strategies” by Karien Henrico

This research emphasizes the importance of holistic wellness support systems for students.

The study highlights the necessity of a holistic approach to student wellness, incorporating emotional, intellectual, social, and occupational wellness dimensions.

Our learner wellness programme embodies this holistic approach by addressing multiple facets of wellness:

  • Emotional Wellness: By building confidence and reducing anxiety through career readiness exercises.
  • Intellectual Wellness: Through comprehensive career planning and skill development activities.
  • Social Wellness: By teaching effective networking and fostering professional connections.
  • Occupational Wellness: By preparing learners for industry demands and enhancing their employability.

Personalized Support and Development for Learners

Personalized support and development plans are crucial for sustaining student wellness.

The study advocates for tailored interventions that meet the specific needs of students.

We implement personalized development plans within our bootcamp.

We guide learners to create individualized career paths and personal growth strategies.

This ensures that each learner receives support that is directly relevant to their goals and challenges.

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Community and Industry Engagement

The study points out the importance of engaging with the community and industry to enhance student wellness and provide practical opportunities.

Our workshop emphasizes building industry connections and networking, which helps learners tap into real-world opportunities.

This engagement not only prepares learners for the workforce but also strengthens the link between educational outcomes and industry needs.

Practical Skills and Career Preparedness

Providing students with practical skills and preparing them for their future careers is identified as a key strategy for sustaining wellness.

That’s why the bootcamp focuses on practical skills such as CV writing, interview preparation, and understanding industry trends.

These elements are critical in ensuring that learners are well-prepared to enter the job market with confidence and competence.

Send Leonie an email and let’s start your booking process!

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Pencil in your dates for our learner wellness programme!

The holistic, personalized, and engagement-focused approach, positions it to address the challenges employed and unemployed learners face.

This ultimately enhances their employability and career success.

Contact us now! 🙂


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