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Job Transition Methodology for Concerned People Development Practitioners

This post introduces an approach to planning for viable and desirable job transitions for careers disrupted by technology.

South African education, training and development organisations wanting to expand into reskilling will need to find ways to identify declining and growing job markets.

What makes a viable and desirable job transition?


The similarity between jobs must be tested in order to determine if they are high enough to be considered viable. A job transition to work that is not high in similarity means workers require more training and support.

Assessing viable job transition opportunities requires an understanding of the requirements necessary to perform a given job and an ability to compare these requirements to the requirements of another job.

Human Resource practitioners must group jobs into families reflecting how they relate and pollinate. HR must identify which transferable skills they can take advantage of in their current workforce to establish a baseline for upskilling or retraining.

Job Components


?Work activities: The range of tasks that need to be accomplished within a job role.

?Knowledge: Knowledge is the body of facts, principles, theories, and practices that acts as a foundation for skills.
?Skills: Skills are used to apply knowledge to complete tasks.

» Cross-functional skills: Generic, non-specialized skills required by job applicants to be considered for a role (applicable to broad categories of jobs).
» Specialized skills: Skills particular to an industry or a job that are not easily transferable.

Abilities are the range of physical and cognitive capabilities required to perform a job role.

Education: Education is a formal mechanism for acquiring skills and knowledge.
Work and Job Family Experience: Experience plays a crucial role in forming and improving skills to apply a given knowledge.

Examples of Career Pathing

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Towards a Reskilling Revolution: A Future of Jobs for All : World Economic Forum, January 2018

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