How to Obtain QCTO Accreditation as New Business

Obtain QCTO Accreditation for your new training company. Securing accreditation is non-negotiable if you want to be taken seriously in the B2B space.

You have status once you obtain QCTO accreditation.

How to Obtain QCTO Accreditation for Your New Business

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Securing QCTO accreditation is non-negotiable if you want to be taken seriously.

Follow these steps with military precision to then ensure your business gets the accreditation it requires.

Quality Council for Trades and Occupations Accreditation: Easy With Leonie

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1. Understand the Basics to Obtain QCTO Accreditation:

Firstly, understand the QCTO accreditation process.

Familiarize yourself with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the SAQA Act.

Because ignorance is not bliss in this game!

I teach my clients everything they need to know and coach them through implementation so that they are geared to grow.

Let’s take a quick look at how we assist you through the accreditation process steps:

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Phase 1: Start the Journey to Obtain QCTO Accreditation

  • Once your qualifications or skills programmes are selected, we submit your letter of intent to the QCTO to apply for CETA-registered qualifications
  • The QCTO then evaluates your intent to obtain accreditation with the CETA
  • The QCTO usually swiftly follows with a recommendation to proceed
  • QCTO also communicates the very same recommendations to the CETA via email.

Phase 2: Obtain CETA Accreditation

  • We guide you to prepare and submit your accreditation application to the CETA together with
  • CETA screens the application
  • CETA acknowledges our application
  • The SETA completes a desktop evaluation and provides detailed feedback
  • If non-compliant, remediation must be completed within 14 calendar days
  • Once you have obtained compliant application status, the Audit Compliance visit is scheduled.
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Phase 3: Accreditation approval process flow:

  • Site Visit reports will be issued
  • CETA evaluates reports to align their recommendation to our application
  • CETA generates an accreditation letter and submits for approval
  • If not approved, remediation is advised. (This has never happened to us! 🙂 )
  • If approved you are notified and welcomed to the community. 🙂

2. Do Your Research:

Identify the specific occupational qualifications relevant to your business.

Don’t play guessing games because precision decisions are key here.

That’s also why I run a series of research and analysis exercises to unearth the unknown for my clients.

Because, as a competition economics scholar, I find satisfaction in understanding the best strategy to disrupt your competitors.

3. Align with Industry Standards: (And not)

Ensure your business operations and training programs align with industry standards.

If you’re cutting corners, you’re wasting time.

To clarify, align yourself with the best, even though the best are in the minority.

Industry has come to expect accreditation as a norm and prefer this status because it allows them to access government benefits.

4. Appoint a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF):

Get yourself an SDF.

This person will handle the intricacies of skills development planning, submission of Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs), and the implementation of Annual Training Reports (ATRs).

The boring administration that secures funding

design and develop learning programmes

5. Develop Quality Learning Material:

Create comprehensive learning material that doesn’t put people to sleep.

It should meet QCTO’s criteria, leaving no room for interpretation.

6. Get Your Ducks in a Row to Obtain QCTO Accreditation:

Prepare a Quality Management System (QMS).

The QCTO loves paperwork, so be meticulous. Document everything from policies to procedures.

I can help you develop your QMS in-house or provide a bespoke solution.

Which one suits you?

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7. Submit Your Application to Obtain QCTO Accreditation:

Once you’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed the T’s, submit your accreditation application.

8. Prepare for Site Visits:

Have your records ready, and your staff trained. No excuses.

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9. Comply with QCTO Feedback:

If the QCTO gives you feedback, take it seriously.

Address their concerns with surgical precision. Non-compliance is not an option.

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10. Be Patient (Sort Of):

QCTO moves at its own pace. While waiting, don’t twiddle your thumbs.

Work on your website and marketing strategy.

You need bums in seats whether it’s in real-time or not.

11. Maintain QCTO Accreditation Status:

Congratulations, you’re accredited!

But this is not a lifetime achievement award!

Regularly update your systems and keep abreast of changes in the industry.

Compliance is a never-ending game.

Obtain QCTO Accreditation Quickly

Getting QCTO accreditation isn’t a stroll in the park, but neither is running a business.

Be thorough, be compliant, and treat the process like a military operation.

Your accreditation is your business’s badge of honour; don’t leave home without it.

Contact Leonie to Obtain QCTO Accreditation Fast

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