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Make Training Videos for NQF Qualifications

FREE video concept for an NQFL4 Qualification

Topics listed below are used in typical learner induction programmes. These videos can be used to inform learners, training stakeholders and clients.

Video One

  • Purpose of the qualification
  • Career paths for graduates
  • Qualification structure:
    1. Fundamental component
    2. Core
    3. Specialisation (electives)
  • Pose a provocative question

Video Two

  • Introduce outcomes based training
  • Assessment process and procedures
  • Assessment roleplayers
  • Providing a range of valid evidence

Video Three

  • Learning programmes and examples of forms of evidence
  • How to use the guides and prepare effectively
  • Credits and notional time
  • Log sheets and capturing workplace evidence
  • Role of reflection in learning

Video Four

  • Overview of the training company
  • Team roles
  • Training methodology and rules for facilitation
  • Advice to learners

Use these videos for training induction programmes and to support sales pitches.

Post on YouTube and share with clients and learners.

Videos provide unique opportunities to engage with an organisation’s character, ethos and business value.

    Create learning content, attract traffic to your website and position your organisation competitively

    Shoot Video!

    This Johannesburg-based video offer is exclusive to education and training organisations, or those who produce content for learning purposes.

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