The QCTO and How to Become SETA Accredited Now

How to Become SETA Accredited Fast. Become a fully fledged SETA accredited training provider within 3-6 months and change your life.

Become SETA Accredited Training Provider

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QCTO SETA Accredited Training Provider Within 6 Months

How to become SETA accredited training providers. It’s easier than you think! However, the art is in turning your accreditation status into a viable business. So when it comes to your accreditation, I want the best fit for your goals.

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Become SETA Accredited: Training Provider Status

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the certification, usually for a particular period such as 5 years, of a person, body or institution. It then means the bearer can fulfil a particular function within the quality assurance system set up by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). 

What is a SETA Accredited Training Provider?

A training or skills development provider is an education and training body that delivers NQF-registered learning programs. A training provider can take the form of an institution/organization, company, center, collaborative partnership, or consultancy.

Become SETA Accredited Skills Provider 

Once accredited, Skills Providers, previously Training Providers, can then offer registered part qualifications/or full qualifications. They also register with the DHET (since 1 July 2017). 

Strategic SETA Accreditation Services

Blend Education and Economic Development

My name’s Leonie and I integrate economics and education to develop holistic, sustainable paths. So who better than me to check that your accreditation will pay off?! 🙂

I carefully analyze the sector you will operate in and tell you which qualifications will be the best fit. I also point out what the competition is doing and how to beat them.

Starting a training company involves a series of carefully calculated and unique actions. While taking you through accreditation, we seamlessly groom you for The Business of Training.

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Become SETA Accredited Training Provider on Budget

We scale and tailor our services to your goals. But we make sure not to trim from the competitive edge we can give you.

“Kickass in any language” Accreditation Services include:

1. Coaching you through the process:

As your wingwoman, I guide your steps and check your documents. Slow the process down or speed it up as you need, we’re good! 😉 Fees usually start from R8000. (Eight thousand Rand.)

2. Team Workshops:

We structure and kick off what must be done in a series of workshops. We address the QMS and all other accreditation aspects. The workshops wrap up with the team approving documents and then submitting the application. This solution starts at R20 000.00 (Twenty thousand Rand).

3. Accreditation Development Services:

While I provide and customize the QMS, I also adjust your business plan to drive your bespoke solution. This solution also includes two knowledge transfer workshops aligned to your business plan. I analyze your competition and help craft holistic strategies to give you a market edge. This solution starts at R50000 (Fifty thousand Rand).

4. The Deluxe Suite of Services: Add SEO

A blend of the above for the most competitive providers. In addition, I customize your training content and design your unique campus learning culture. For example, if your focus is entrepreneur education delivered via remote learning, we ensure a real-life project-based curriculum. Then we add Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) intelligence to your online marketing strategy. Now that’s kickass in anyone’s language! 😉

Teachers and Lecturers: Start a SETA-Accredited Training Company

Are you a former teacher or lecturer and want to start a SETA-accredited training company? 7Sundays has a soft center for education professionals. Leonie is a former teacher trainer and teacher, she thinks teachers are superstars meant for this training space. If this is you, what are you waiting for?! Detention?

Turnkey Solutions: Become an Accredited SETA Training Provider

Waiting not for you?

Drop us an email to check if we have any training companies for sale. We make sure that there are no outstanding debts or issues and that you have a clean slate.

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Become SETA Accredited Fast:

The Primary Focus: Which SETA? 

You as the Skills Provider will determine your primary focus. The question is which qualifications do you expect to sell the most of? Is it IT or services-related? This information helps to decide where your primary focus lies.

The QCTO Quality Assurance Management Division requirements are compiled by the provider. You will complete and submit an online application form for accreditation. A compliance check is also conducted by the QCTO. The provider receives a notification of compliance / non-compliance. You then respond to the notification if necessary or perform the required remediation.

A site visit will be scheduled and conducted by a QCTO evaluator. The evaluator sends his/her report to QCTO. You are then required to respond to areas of remediation if necessary and make the relevant submission. Thereafter, confirm your registration with the DHET. 

What is a SETA Accredited Training Provider? 

A provider can be an education and training body such as an institution/organization, company, centre, collaborative partnership, or consultancy. A provider delivers learning programs that result in specific National Qualifications Framework (NQF) standards or qualifications. 

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Become SETA Accredited: Navigating the Requirements

1. For Freelancers and Qualified Staff:

  • To facilitate any program, obtain the US 117871 “Train the Trainer” Certificate (minimum NQF 5 level), approved by ETDP SETA.
  • For assessing learners with SETA work, acquire the US 115753 “Conduct Assessments” Certificate (at least NQF 5 level), also approved through ETDP SETA.
  • To moderate assessments, hold the US 115753 + US 115759 “Conduct Moderation” Certificate (at least NQF 6 level), approved through ETDP SETA.

Ensure you have the necessary “scope” to train, assess, or moderate anyone. Scope includes two to three years of practical experience or a certificate or higher in the specific field.

Freelancers can register independently or collaborate with Training Companies. Many Training Companies engage qualified Freelancers to deliver services.

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2. Becoming an Accredited Training Provider:

To be an Accredited Training Provider, have at least one program SETA Accredited.

For each program, you must have:

  • A facilitator (hold US 117871 – Train the Trainer Certificates) with the required scope.
  • An assessor (hold US 115753 – Conduct Assessment Certificate) with the necessary scope.
  • A moderator (hold US 115753 – Conduct Moderation Certificate at least; Assessors Certificate required first).
  • Training content

Note: The facilitator and assessor can be the same person for the same learner, but the moderator must be different.

Companies often secure 2 x Facilitators and 2 x Assessors, contracting a Freelancer for Moderation work.

Accreditation requires resources, including an office, qualified staff, computers, tools, or a venue to deliver courses, and a Quality Management System (QMS) policy. The QMS should consist of 12 -18 policies explaining how you will operate.

Additional Steps:

  • Be registered with the DHET.
  • The “US 115753” Conduct Assessment provides an overview of the entire accreditation process.

In summary, meeting these requirements and following the outlined steps will set you on the path to becoming a recognized and accredited training provider in your field.

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Examples of SETA Accreditation

ETDP SETA Quarterly Cyclic Accreditation Approach (2023-2024)

To enable the accreditation process to unfold seamlessly, the SDPs applying for Institutional, or Extension of Scope accreditation are encouraged to submit to the ETDP SETA the following documents:

  1. Phase A: Application Form available from: ;
  2. Referral letter from the QCTO (applicable only if application is for a full legacy qualification).
  3. Referral letter issued by your Primary ETQA/QAP — (Not applicable to ETDP SETA SDPs’ and Institutional accreditation)
  4. Company Registration Documents (Only Applicable to Institutional Accreditation)
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate.

All the aforementioned documents must be submitted at:

Phase A: Application Dates for ETDP SETA Accreditation

Please take note that the dates for the submission of the Phase A: Application Form are open during the weekdays.  Further take note that an acknowledgement letter and feedback report shall be provided to your Company within seven (07) and fourteen working days respectively, from the date of receipt of the application.

Once the Phase A: Application form has been received, evaluated and feedback given by the ETDP SETA; the Skill Development Provider will receive Phase B Application Form to be completed and submitted to the ETDP SETA Office as follows:

  1. “Phase B Application Form”
  2. Proof of registration of Assessor/s and Moderator/s together with their employment Agreements –
  3. Employment Agreement/s, CV/s and Qualification/s of the Facilitator/s —
  4. Learner, Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Guides —
  5. Assessment and Moderation Policy and Procedure (Only applicable if applying for an extension of scope of accreditation) –
  6. A Purchase Agreement is required for if the learning materials purchased from another provider —
  7. Quality Management System (Only applicable if seeking institutional accreditation) –

Skills Development Providers are strongly encouraged to submit fully completed and signed Phase B Application Form together with supporting documents to email;, on or before the preferred closing date from the table below:

ETDP SETA Accreditation Dates

The dates below serve as a guideline for the submission timeframes, these dates may be subject to change without any prior notice.table-1

ETDP SETA Accreditation Online submissions dates:table-2

ETDP SETA accreditation contacts

Mr Jackson Maake, Ms Merly Malungane, or Mr Imran Dawood:

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