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Your capacitation and ability to translate compliance into meaningful business practice is key.

Throughout our sessions, we draw parallels between business compliance and targetted market growth.

Accreditation can result in business growth if you have made the vital connection between what you offer and markets.


Set realistic goals.

Coaching implies the completion of specific actions to achieve desired goals. This programme sets out to improve your ability to meet all accreditation criteria. You’ll receive preparation tools ahead of each session based on these criteria and we’ll focus on specific challenges that you have.

Coaching provides one-on-one support and includes structured advice on:

  1. How to set up your QMS and portfolio of evidence to meet the 8-core criteria
  2. Developing policies, procedures and strategies
  3. Business strategic objectives and goal setting
  4. SETA / QCTO relationship building

Coaching is done via Skype or Google hangouts.

Cost: R6 600

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    What are the 8-Core Criteria?

    The core criteria were defined in the ETQA Regulations (R 1127 of 8 September 1988) and also in the Quality Management Systems for ETQAs and Criteria and Guidelines for Providers.

    Read more about the 8-Core criteria

    If you’re in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg, check out the Accreditation Workshops.

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