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Growing Powerful Education Training Organisations Now

Growing South Africa's education training organisations so that the public has more places to go! Join our hub for education and training providers.

Growing South Africa’s education training organisations so that the public has more places to go!

Welcome to 7Sundays, an innovative website that serves as a hub for education and training, dedicated to promoting exceptional services.

Bespoke Development Services for Accredited Education Training Organisations

With a deep passion for empowering individuals and communities, Leonie Hall brings her expertise to the forefront and leads the team.

We offer a diverse range of services fostering growth, enlightenment, and sustainable progress.

Leonie is a disruptive education and economic development specialist who thrives on solving complex problems.

key saqa policies in south africa for education and training organisations

Accreditation and Establishing Market Value for Education Training Organisations

Education Training Consulting Services

Leonie will help you assess your advantages and opportunity gaps for new markets.

“I help organisations use their accreditation status to expand their markets. I’m a guerilla, my strategies are often aggressively innovative.”

Aggressively Innovative? Give us an example!

I designed a cross-fit and game theory-inspired quality management system for learning campuses.

The assessment process establishes a self-motivation system forcing learners to play against themselves.

education training 18.1 and 18.2 learnerships

What do you mean by “Maximise your market position?”

Many newly accredited providers don’t understand the full value of what accreditation means. While some have a vague idea, many often haven’t taken the mental leap to business expansion.

I show organisations how to grow their value and thrive, not just survive.

Onsite Workshops for Education Training Organisations

Market strategies for private providers

  • Who rules the roost?

We unpack the sectors you target and evaluate the competitive environment.

  • Flying feathers

Your website is your 24/7 marketing firepower, working while you’re sleeping or cavorting!

But your competitors’ websites are the war fields where you stealthily manoeuvre. We’ll create a website strategy to action your disruption.

Administration and Quality Assurance Implementation

You’re accredited but uncertain about how to run the processes related to your Quality Management System (QMS).

This induction workshop will turn you into a QMS guru.

Monitoring and Evaluation

How does an organisation reflect on progress and exceed expectations?

You’ll dive into M&E for education and training organisations and use bespoke tools.

Let’s hack into AI

Phew! What an amazing learning curve the past year has been!

This lively workshop is for those who want to learn shortcuts for AI text and image generators.

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

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