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About 7Sundays Accreditation Consulting Services

Leonie leads the team, providing support services nationally and to international clients. Our services are available throughout South Africa.

Accreditation has become a critical requirement for educational providers. We help you get accredited and become market competitive.

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About Solving Accreditation Challenges

Navigating the Transition from SETA to QCTO Accreditation

The process can be time-consuming and confusing, diverting valuable resources and focus from your core mission of delivering quality education and training. Without expert guidance, you risk delays, non-compliance, or even rejection of your accreditation application, which can severely impact your operations and reputation.

Expert CHE and QCTO Accreditation Services

7Sundays offers seamless accreditation solutions to these challenges.
Our expertise ensures that SETA accredited providers can transition smoothly to QCTO accreditation without disrupting their services.
For new providers, we guide you through each step of the QCTO accreditation process, ensuring you meet all requirements efficiently and effectively.
Our services include higher education accreditation with the CHE and market analysis.

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Contact 7Sundays for CHE and QCTO Accreditation Support

Don’t let CHE or QCTO accreditation complexities obstruct your institution’s success.
Contact Leonie today at 7sundays.co.za to learn how our specialised consulting services can ensure a smooth, efficient, and successful accreditation process for your educational institution. Secure your future in vocational education with our trusted expertise.

Accreditation Compliance

Achieve and maintain full compliance with QCTO standards, avoiding any legal or operational issues.

Accreditation Consulting Services

Minimize the risk of delays or rejections, ensuring your accreditation process is smooth and successful.

Economic Development Consulting

Lead consultant, Leonie Hall, blends education, economics and human resources.

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Marketing Strategies for Higher Education

Marketing strategies for higher education needs to keep up with the changing world. 🎓🌍 Here are the best and worst marketing tools for higher education.
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The Best QCTO SETA Accreditation Assistance

Our accreditation assistance sports a sophisticated touch by including detailed competitor analysis. If obtaining QCTO and SETA accreditation is on your map, then contact us!

What business challenges does your education and training institution face?

Contact Leonie to set up a consultation today.

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