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QCTO Values and Accountability

Organisations use values to guide their actions and maintain fruitful stakeholder relationships. When you engage with the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations, familiarise yourself with their values  and use the information to steer discussions.

Values can also be used to hold an organisation accountable. Address your issues by referring to these values and use them to justify your own reasons for engaging.

QCTO Values

Innovation and Excellence
We rise to opportunities and challenges, we continuously learn, we are innovative and we consistently produce work of distinction and fine quality, on time, and in line with our clients’ needs

Empowerment and Recognition
We enable people to make things happen, we encourage and support one another when and where needed, and we celebrate successful accomplishment of work

Respect and Dignity
We value and show consideration for all the people we work with, treat one another with kindness and thoughtfulness, and embrace inclusivity

Ethics and Integrity
We embrace and practice a moral code of trustworthiness, honesty and truthfulness in everything we say and do, and we honour our promises and commitments

Ownership and Accountability
We take ownership of our responsibilities and we answer for our decisions and actions

We protect the public by issuing authentic, quality qualification

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