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FAQ: SETA Accreditation Process

How does the SETA accreditation process work?

Which SETA is the easiest one to be accredited by?

As a strategist in education and training, I’m asked this question by both newbies and experts!

It’s important you become accredited with the SETA who’s qualifications most closely connect with your market.

Sometimes a context can appear confusing.

For example if you develop software for use in the Mining Sector, you may assume your primary SETA is the Mining Qualifications Authority, it isn’t! It’s the MICT SETA.

We’ve resolved accreditation issues simply by addressing these context conflicts. Don’t fall in the same trap!


Link your primary training objective (qualification/s) to  markets.

Many get it wrong.

You will have a primary SETA you achieve accreditation with, thereafter, you can enter into extensions of scope with any other SETA.

Your primary SETA is the one most closely linked to your market, products and services.

Submit a Letter of Intent to the QCTO, they give you permission to apply to your primary SETA and be vetted according to SETA requirements.

Begin your SETA relationship by contacting them to set up an accreditation consultation for free.

Online Application System

Digital is the order of the day!

Emerging providers intimidated by an online process, could opt to be coached and empowered through the process as opposed to hiring a consultant for administration.

Most SETAs have established an online accreditation application allowing you to submit documents for their desk top review of you.

Once satisfied with your documents, possibly after remediation, you will be notified of a site visit.

If all goes well, you’ll receive an official report listing what you are accredited to deliver on or be advised of further remediation.

P.S. Easy makes you sleazy!

If you ask ‘which SETA is the easiest to be accredited with?’ 

There is no easy, only ‘right’.

Mail your questions or pop them below!

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