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FAQ: The easiest SETA for accreditation?

A frequent question asked is ‘which SETA is easiest to become accredited with?’

The SETA Big 3?

Clients (spanning business, consultants and NGOs) provided names of 3 SETAs they were led to believe were ‘easy.’

The easiest ones to be accredited by?

Consultants don’t reveal this delicate information.

After all, how would we cream it if you knew yourself where all the easy stuff was?! 

Set your mind at rest

Each SETA can be ‘easy’ if you know how to meet process requirements, if you don’t – hire a consultant to teach you, not meet them for you. The more you dumb yourself down, the less business acumen you will develop.


What does ‘linked’ mean?

Linking the training intention.

Most clients get it wrong.

Many don’t understand how a primary vs an extension of scope SETA differ.

Your primary SETA is the one most closely linked to your market, products and services.

If you’re stuck, book a consultation or continue reading! 

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