Fantastic NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications Now

Explore amazing new NQF 7 QCTO qualifications and learnerships available in South Africa. These qualifications span a range of industries and specialist jobs.

A list of NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications and Learnerships.

NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications and Learnerships: Occupational Certificates

nqf 7 qcto qualifications

Because NQF 7 QCTO qualifications include Learnerships, Advanced Diplomas and Occupational Certificates, the level is more accessible to a broader population. This makes us so happy! 🙂

QCTO and SETA Learnership Qualifications: NQF Level 7 Occupational Certificates

The QCTO works with SETAs to develop and register new qualifications that will satisfy market needs. Currently there are only two learnerships at NQF level 7, but we expect more to follow soon. We will add them to this list when they do.

SAQA IDQualification DescriptorMinimum CreditsLearnership Registration No.
117238Financial Markets Practitioner18032Q320053151207
93602Professional Principal Executive Officer15032Q320061121507
NQF L7 Learnerships
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List of NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications

NQF Level 7 QCTO Qualifications: Advanced Occupational Diplomas and Occupational Certificates

SAQA IDTypeTitleSAQACreditsQuality Partner
101553Occupational CertificateCommissioning Editor SETA
102499Occupational CertificateCustoms Compliance Manager
99054Occupational CertificateDiplomat
110359Occupational CertificateEquestrian Coach or Instructor Level 3 (EQASA)
117238Occupational CertificateFinancial Markets Practitioner SAIS (AQP)
93603Occupational CertificateFinancial Markets Practitioner
101672Occupational CertificateFurniture Designer SETA
110670Occupational CertificateGeotechnical Practitioner SETA
104991Occupational CertificateGovernance Practitioner (CSSA)
101838Occupational CertificateHealth Information Manager
121152Advanced Occupational DiplomaHuman Resource Management Advisor SETA
101839Occupational CertificateInternal Auditor IIA SA (AQP)
101405Occupational CertificateInternal Auditor (ICT Internal Auditor) IIA SA (AQP)
118774Occupational CertificateLearning and Development Advisor SETA
112831Occupational CertificateManagement Accounting Practitioner (CIMA)
102162Occupational CertificateMine Environmental Control Supervisor
119979Advanced Occupational DiplomaMine Manager
119266Occupational CertificateMining Engineering Manager
118113Occupational CertificatePhysical Asset Manager SETA (SAMA)
93602Occupational CertificateProfessional Principal Executive Officer Batseta (AQP)
121166Advanced Occupational DiplomaSenior Government Official
93544Occupational CertificateSupply and Distribution Manager
111386Occupational CertificateSupply Chain Executive
NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications

Requirements for NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications

marketing accredited training

The NQF 7 Level Descriptors for Qualification Outcomes

In South Africa, the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) provides a structure for comparing educational qualifications and levels of learning.

Level descriptors provide a general overview of the expected outcomes at NQF Level 7 and all other levels. So here are the general descriptors for NQF Level 7 in South Africa:

NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications Level Descriptors

1. Knowledge and Understanding at NQF Level 7:

The learner demonstrates advanced theoretical knowledge and understanding in a particular field or profession. For example, they exhibit a critical awareness of current issues, debates, and theories within the discipline.

2. NQF Level 7 Application of Knowledge and Understanding:

The learner can apply advanced theoretical and practical knowledge to complex problems and also to situations within their field of study or profession. For example they can analyze, evaluate, and interpret information critically and creatively.

3. Generic Cognitive Skills at NQF Level 7:

The learner possesses advanced cognitive skills such as critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. They are also able to apply these skills to complex problems or challenges, demonstrating independence and originality of thought.

qcto aqp

4. Communication Skills for NQF Level 7:

The learner demonstrates advanced communication skills, both orally and in writing. They can therefore effectively communicate complex ideas, arguments, and information to a variety of audiences using appropriate language and formats.

5. Autonomy, Accountability, and Ethical Conduct at NQF Level 7:

The learner demonstrates autonomy and independence both in their learning and professional practice. For example, they take responsibility for their own actions and decisions and adhere to ethical principles and professional standards.

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NQF 7 QCTO Qualifications Prepare You for NQF Level 8 Learning

6. NQF Level 7 Learning Skills:

The learner demonstrates the ability to engage in continuous learning and professional development. They are also able to identify their own learning needs, set goals, and take initiative in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

7. NQF Level 7 Problem-solving Skills:

The learner exhibits advanced problem-solving skills, for example the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems creatively and effectively.

8. Professional and Vocational Skills for NQF Level 7:

The learner possesses advanced professional or vocational skills relevant to their chosen field or profession. They are then able to apply these skills confidently and effectively in a range of contexts.

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