The Best QMS Design is Customized

The Value of Customised QMS Design. Operations, integrity and quality management are intertwined to create a unique and competitive organisation.

The Value of Customized QMS Design. Operations, integrity and quality management are intertwined and create a unique and competitive organisation. If operational decisions conflict with policy, you could be in trouble.

Customized QMS Design is More Important Than Purchasing a Detailed QMS

I came across this interesting study to evaluate the effectiveness of ISO 9001 Certified Contracting organizations in the United Arab Emirates. The study also identifies the potential reasons behind the failure of ISO 9001-certified organizations.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) establishes standards that act as guidelines on how to document processes in specific industries.

When an organisation obtains a particular ISO certification, it shows they follow well-established industry standards.

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

Why a Customized QMS Design is Best

A 2006 study concluded that the overall ISO’s effects on managerial inefficiency are negative, indicating that the adoption of ISO reduces managerial inefficiency.

An impact study of ISO 9000 certification on training and development activities from Singapore after implementing ISO 9000 was conducted. The study noted that significant improvements were achieved in:

  • training needs analysis, training design, delivery and evaluation,
  • and human resource development activities.

Even though more than a million organizations have been certified to ISO QMS 9001 standard, there were common problems faced by a majority of these certified organizations.

These problems are broadly classified into three categories

  • Leadership related issues
  • Strategy Related Issues
  • Quality System related issues
  • Society oriented gaps

Does ISO 9001 actually achieve its main objectives?

Researchers have studied if ISO 9001 actually achieves its main objectives of adding value to organization’s implementing it in different economies in general or by different sectors in particular.

1. Improved competitive edge, and improved public relations

A study of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 implementation in Far East Countries, namely in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea found the common benefits of ISO 9000 certification among these countries are improved competitive edge, and improved public relations.

2. ISO-accredited Malaysian companies outperformed non-accredited

In 2004, the effect of ISO 9001 certification on the performance of 162 publicly listed companies in Malaysia was studied.

An association between ISO 9000 registration and the performance of companies in Malaysia was identified.

This study revealed that accredited Malaysian companies outperformed non-accredited ones during the period of study.

3. More than 90 per cent of Spanish-certified industries believed that ISO had benefited them

In Spain, a study to evaluate the benefits of implementing ISO 9000 in Spanish industries concluded that although ISO 9000 has many positive points, these points must be used in the right context to maximize the benefits gained from the standard.

The overall conclusion was that more than 90 per cent of Spanish-certified industries believed that ISO 9000 had benefited them and it is a good system for quality assurance.

4. Difficulties faced by Canadian companies in implementing the new standard

In Canada, an ISO 9001:2000 study found that there were some difficulties faced by Canadian companies in implementing the new standard.

These difficulties are based on different companies’ characteristics like size, and years of operation.

5. UK organizations’ Primary Reason for ISO 9001 Certification was to Tender

In a study evaluating the implementation of ISO 9000 for 104 UK certified companies, it was concluded that ISO 9001:2000 is very positive.

It was also noted that the main reason within UK organizations for ISO 9001 certification was to allow them to tender for work that would otherwise be unattainable.

6. Internal Efficiency and External Pressures in Egypt

A study of ISO 9001 in Egypt found that the most common reasons for seeking certification in Egypt were to improve the efficiency of the quality system and pressures from competitors/foreign partners.

A QMS isn’t an onerous set of documents.

It’s a vibrant, thorough description of how your services or products can consistently provide market satisfaction.

I’m currently using game theory to expand engagement techniques for organisational stakeholders in education and training contexts.

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Whether you go the ISO route or have your QMS specifically designed for you, ensure it’s customised to your specifications.

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