Who are the #NEETs? Vulnerable Markets Workshop

The largest youth NEET group in South Africa, those not-employed, nor in education and training, was reported in the 25-34 year age group.

Organisations interested in reducing youth unemployment can use diverse data to inform and improve policy and intervention design.


Vulnerability should be on everybody’s radar, from government to business to development organisation. How we address issues of vulnerability in intervention design can help us achieve sustainable development goals.


Pro-poor Policy and NEETs


Key questions:

  1. How accessible is your organisation to vulnerable markets and stakeholders?
  2. How connected is the organisation to industry, governance and supportive networks?
  3. Do outputs match organisational goals? 
  4. How to grow your markets?

The Pro-poor and NEETs Vulnerable Market workshop, intended for a broad human and economic development community, facilitates discussions around:

The context of ‘vulnerable’ markets and development

  • How do we apply pro-poor policy for maximum inclusion?
  • Poverty and production – how do we increase benefits and meet market expectations?
  • What does the data say about NEETs – people not in employment nor education and training?

Organisations working with vulnerable groups, such as the youth and unemployed, can embark on a series of exercises to:

  • assess value chain properties and opportunities
  • increase participation, decrease attrition
  • reduce barriers to success through improved policy and process
  • address market engagement and stakeholder participation through marketing strategies
  • align to government policy and strategy

Spotlight on ETD people, policy and process

  1. Learner management strategies
  2. Marketing and stakeholder engagement
  3. ”Quality management and the ‘monitoring and evaluation’ cycle
  4. The value of customising training content 

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Leonie Hall is a development economist, social activist and seasoned leader with over 25 years of operation and project management experience in the education, social change and youth development sectors.  A former high school teacher, SETA accredited training provider and HRD specialist with a proven track record of working with government agencies, civil society organisations, communities and grassroots movements, she can provide unique insights for capacitating youth and unemployed markets.

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