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Marketing Accredited E&T Organisations

A unique workshop for accredited education and training providers about growing their learning ready markets. ow close are you to engaging your markets?

Accredited training is effective in diverse markets, how many do you tap into?

We’re not growing!
We can’t sell our products!

Don’t be saying this!

Once you’ve found an effective engagement channel, you can use both formal and informal persuasive tactics.

We help you get close to your learning ready markets

Bring them Home! An Onsite Team Marketing Workshop

The purpose of this session is to strengthen organisational ability to compete, increasing visibility and accessibility.

Attracting Markets: Practical Planning

Identifying the right content, for the right people, during the different stages of making a buying decision.

In a three hour ideation session with key stakeholders, we define and build the profiles of the ‘personas’ your business targets.

We identify campaigns relevant to these personas, to target them when they are:

  • ready to buy (bottom of funnel)
  • when they are showing buying intent (middle of funnel) and
  • campaigns that attract and engage them (top of funnel).


Workshops are at your premises and may entail an additional fee to cover travel.

3 Hour workshop: R5 000

Mail us for more!

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