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Conversations about people, profit and passion

A lack of policy and procedure can lead to murky depths and watered down profits. To sail above mediocrity and wave at history, sign up for fast paced strategy conversations spanning accreditation, economics and learning cultures.

  Education and training without learning is like a tsunami unable to flow.

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Mixing freakonomics, innovation and learning brainwaves.

Below are posts about workshops for SETA accreditation and economic development.

How to stand out with SETA or QCTO Accreditation – JHB Workshop

Learn a strategic approach to accreditation by understanding the legislation context and simultaneously mapping ...
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Three Unique Interventions for Education, Training and Development Stakeholders

Spanning vulnerable to profitable, markets are complicated tribes of beasts ever jostling and competing ...
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Building Blocks for Accreditation – Johannesburg Workshop

How to become accredited and adopt a smart competitive business strategy are just some ...
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Two Vulnerable Markets Workshop Topics – BOOK NOW!

From NEETs to Equity. Questions about development impacts and integrity abound. Where government and ...
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The Equity Policy Aim. A Misfire, Misfit or Missile? Workshop

The intentions of equity can be marred by a lack of pro-poor policy and ...
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