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Equity Policy. A Misfire, Misfit or Missile?

The intentions of equity can be marred by a lack of pro-poor policy and uninformed processes diminishing meaningful outcomes. Vulnerability, Complexity and Being 'Equity' NEET Many organisations find opportunity and value in offering NEETs training to increase their employability and simultaneously achieve organisational equity targets. Equity is more loaded than 'evening the turf' Absorbing NEETs…
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Building Blocks for Accreditation in the E&T Sector

Become accredited and adopt a smart competitive business strategy. If CHE, QCTO or SETA accreditation is on your radar, this seminar addresses crucial issues for emerging or expanding organisations. Building Blocks for Competitive Accredited Organisations Learn a strategic approach to accreditation by understanding the legislation context and mapping existing market opportunity. This workshop explains the…
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QMS a Bad Joke?

SETAs and Quality Councils request a quality management system framework and detailed review mechanism for accreditation purposes. From QMS to Review “Life is not measured by the breathes you take, but by the moments that take your breathe away.”  George Carlin Your QMS is a visionary document for consistently nurturing and expanding upon quality measures.…
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SETA and QCTO Accreditation Seminars

Sign up for bespoke accreditation seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban.  SETA CHE QCTO Accreditation Support Sessions include market analysis tactics and practical solutions to accreditation challenges. SIX PAIN POINT SEMINARS Two-hour Seminars for Accreditation Pain Points Ideal for troubleshooting areas you’re uncomfortable with or that have not yet been approved by a quality…
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The Anatomy of Quality

From the structure of your QMS to providing evidence for SETA, CHE or QCTO accreditation, let us support and prepare you. The Anatomy of Quality Organisations applying for accreditation must show evidence of quality management for their business, HR and training systems. QMS training can unpack how to best structure evidence to meet accreditation criteria…
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Painless Profitable Accreditation

Pain points in the accreditation process are commonly related to Quality Management issues, qualification and SETA selection or learning content approval. Book a session, get your team together and let's pioneer! Access resources, solutions and answers Reduce the agony of confusion and get straight answers to your questions. Drive a strategic plan and turn accreditation…
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Hiring an accreditation Consultant?

It's essential for organisations to understand and learn about the implications of accreditation themselves rather than hiring a consultant to 'get everything done.' Failure to do so could land you on the same dung heap as countless others who became accredited then crashed within 3 years. Do-It-Yourself Accreditation Support Seminars Public and bespoke Seminars  unpack…
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