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If Content is King and Creativity is Queen in Social Media Marketing How do YOU tap into the BOOMING Social media ENERGY? USE CONTENT Attract web traffic and increase sales, investment or funding possibilities. Social Media collateral for R 14 000 includes 8 posts ranging from 200 - 800 wordsAttract new markets to your brandBuild…
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28.6 Million internet users in South Africa, but how many find you?

Internet ranking and low cost competitive strategies has become big business. With over 15 million social media users in South Africa, how can education, training and development organisations compete and curate content to channel them? If Content is King and Creativity is Queen What's happening in your kingdom?! More than 40% of South African’s use…
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Are your training sales slow? Is your competition crushing you? Place your order for tailored promotional website content now! Content development for promotions is purposeful, strategic action attracting new markets, retaining clients and competing for market position. Ready to start? Look No Further You can have content within hours! A firm belief in education and…
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Looking for a competitive skills development market strategy?

People, Policy, Productivity and Profit Occupational training organisations must connect all 4 P's into their market strategy if they wish to remain relevant. SETA, QCTO or CHE Accredited but no new business? Does your organisation satisfy skills development for building firms of the future? It's time to redefine ETD market strategy to profoundly communicate value…
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Poverty Markets, NEETs and Development

Education and training organisations are uniquely positioned to address market shifts, opportunities and align with government policy to alleviate poverty conditions. Diverse interventions can address market challenges, particularly those facing youth not in employment or education (NEETs). Who is most affected by poverty? Problem: What can we do about training and career development to shift…
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Strategic Accreditation, Market Awareness and Business Growth

Education and training accreditation is much more than a compilation of documents satisfying regulatory procedures. Appointing a consultant to 'get you accredited' can have dire consequences for your business.  If you don't understand how to set up the documentation for successful accreditation, how will you meet required standards (embedded in the documentation) once operational? Consider…
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SETA and QCTO Accreditation, Systems and Markets

Connecting a qualification selection to specific, reachable markets is essential for a new organisation. Organisations already accredited may be concerned if accreditation isn't showing them a return on investment. Is Accreditation Worth It? A qualification connects to a market. Are you experiencing a slump, you're not growing or have never been able to achieve market…
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Promoting Accredited Training

Internet ranking and low cost competitive strategies has become big business. With over 15 million social media users in South Africa, how can education, training and development organisations compete and curate content to channel them? Attracting or Boring Markets? Since starting a blog about education, training and economic development issues in 2010, I've learnt extensively…
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FAQ How to be market competitive if we’re only accredited for one qualification?

Accredited training organisations are increasingly facing new competitors who challenge their market dominance. Most clients are ones with long histories and successful trajectories that suddenly stopped paying off. Rethinking Qualification Accreditation Okay, to be honest, one qualification is not smart if you've been around for a bit. However, even if you are only accredited for…
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Is your business tapping into the Youth Market?

Diversified development interventions need to address the youth market and it's myriad problems. Do you know where the youth come from and how they feed into the labour market, looking for employment or education? Are they looking for you? From Child to Youth Many South African children live in households where only a mother is…
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Training Market Strategy and TVET Competition

Colleges, provinces and population dynamics. Which province has the least or most colleges and does it matter? What can we learn about market opportunities when data shapes the story? Gaps for youth and unemployed development? Compelling factors shaping why, how and who for education and training organisations.  COLLEGES, PROVINCES AND POPULATION DYNAMICS The table below…
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Education and Training. Business and Poverty.

Poverty increases as economic growth declines. Education and training organisations are uniquely placed to address market opportunities and align with government policy. UNDERSTANDING POVERTY MARKETS Who are most affected by poverty? Stats SA  reported that the following South Africans are most likely to struggle in poverty: children aged 17 years and younger black Africans females…
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