Top 7 SETA and QCTO Accreditation Seminars

The Most Helpful SETA and QCTO Accreditation Seminars. Sign up for bespoke accreditation seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban. 

The Most Helpful SETA and QCTO Accreditation Seminars. Sign up for bespoke accreditation seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban. 

SETA CHE QCTO Accreditation Seminars Lend Support

The accreditation seminars include market analysis tactics and practical solutions to accreditation challenges.

QCTO and SETA Accreditation Support

Contact Leonie to capacitate your team to run an accredited training organisation. She demonstrates competitive tactics to push your training business to the forefront.

rpl and other policies for accreditation consultation

Learn about AMAZING free tools to extract competitive market intelligence.

Learn to sell, upscale and power up your training vision with 7Sundays.


Seminars are conducted online or at the venue of your choice. Contact Leonie to make arrangements. We are updating our services and fees, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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David and Goliath Strategies for SDPs: Operation Take Down

Our brilliant competitive analysis services are being expanded.

We have help for newly accredited training providers to muscle in on giants.

7Sundays loves backing underdogs, so we’ve trained in new tools and kept current with AI.

7Sundays for Accreditation Teeth: Start a Business That Bites Back

Competition economics is a dirty business and Leonie loves it.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than studying a niche or sector and then planning an attack (market entry).

Join our goal to build a base of small enterprises, particularly Level One’s, who can cooperate and disrupt markets in their favour. Leonie has analysed how large corporations dominate markets and the aggressive tactics required to diminish them.

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Two-hour Accreditation Seminars Tackle Pain Points

Our concise two-hour seminars are designed to address your pain points effectively. Whether you’re navigating unfamiliar territory or currently seeking approval from a quality council, our seminars provide targeted solutions.

Each delegate receives a comprehensive digital guide for every topic attended, equipped with invaluable advice and tools to bolster your accreditation efforts.

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Seminar Topics Include:

Programme Delivery & Market Expectations:

Tailoring learning programmes to meet specific market demands, and evaluating their effectiveness.

HR Policies:

Effectively presenting staff selection, appraisal, and development strategies to enhance organizational performance.

Learner Policies:

Establishing robust systems for learner selection, support, and development to ensure quality assurance standards.

Business Strategy, Policy Statement & Quality Council nuances:

Structuring compelling evidence aligning with the organization’s objectives and purposes.

Review Mechanisms:

Understanding the evidence required for effective monitoring and evaluation systems.

Assessment & RPL Policies:

Developing comprehensive assessment management methodologies and policies.

Management System, Policies, and Biz Development:

Presenting organizational structures, resources, and accountability procedures for sustainable growth.

Empower your accreditation journey with our seminars. Gain insights, strategies, and practical tools to navigate challenges seamlessly. Reach your accreditation goals with confidence.

Solve Your Accreditation Puzzle: Contact Leonie Hall


Seminars for Managing Business Strategy and Accredited Business Models

Unlock the keys to strategic management and accredited business models through our specialized seminars.

Designed to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary for success, these sessions provide invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of accreditation and market trends.

Seminar Highlights:

Building Blocks for Accreditation:

Delve into a comprehensive overview of accreditation criteria set forth by quality councils such as CHE, QCTO, and SETAs. Gain a deep understanding of the training sector, legislation, market dynamics, and the intricacies of accreditation. This session is ideal for those seeking a holistic understanding of the accreditation process.

The QCTO and Market Trends:

Stay ahead of the curve with essential insights into accreditation, Accredited Training Providers (AQPs), and market relevance for QCTO compliance. Explore the latest market trends and strategies to align your organization with industry demands effectively.

Quality Management System Design:

Unpack each Education and Training (E&T) quality management element against accreditation criteria. Learn how to design and implement a robust quality management system tailored to meet accreditation standards, ensuring organizational excellence.

Equip your organization with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Join us for these transformative seminars and unlock new pathways to success.

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Public Education and Training Seminars

These are scheduled based on demand and industry disruption. Follow 7Sundays to be notified of any scheduled public events.

We have some plans afoot for this year, so stay in touch!


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