Campaigns for causes we care about. Youth and worker holistic development for sustainable livelihoods and rewarding lives.

Campaigns for causes we care about.

Causes We Care About: Youth and Workers

There are many aspects to holistic development and we try to cover as many as possible.

Campaigns for Positive Lives

Lobbying for an inclusive, fair economy is something we’re passionate about.

Check out our two campaigns.

keep climbing youth development campaigns
Youth access to education, training and employment

Go to Keep Climbing

Information about Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Internships and Job Hunting.

This website focusses on making information and ideas for careers accessible.

payslipbansa worker rights campaign

Many job seekers are forced to negotiate their wages without knowing what employers are willing to pay.

Submitting pay slips or cost to company information during recruitment allows employers to unfairly price-fix pay and poach talent.

Go to PaySlipBanSA

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