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Building Blocks for Accreditation in the E&T Sector

Become accredited and adopt a smart competitive business strategy. If CHE, QCTO or SETA accreditation is on your radar, this seminar addresses crucial issues for emerging or expanding organisations.

Building Blocks for Competitive Accredited Organisations

Learn a strategic approach to accreditation by understanding the legislation context and mapping existing market opportunity. This workshop explains the context of our training and development legislation and marketing for emerging training providers.

Building Blocks for Businesses SETA Accreditation 

Gallo Manor, Johannesburg

We address the overarching SETA process and unpack the 8 core criteria for accreditation, best practice and how to enter the market competitively.

Learn the SETA expectations for FULL accreditation, beyond PROVISIONAL requirements.

Whether you’re a current training provider or a new emerging one, you’ll leave this session knowing exactly what compliance means and the amazing value it can add to your business.

‘Building Blocks for SETA Accreditation‘ is an excellent foundation seminar for those who want to build an understanding of the legislative context  and correctly align their accreditation submission documents. This workshop helps you identify a competitive market strategy in the training and development sector.

Framing a Robust Business Strategy and Value as an Accredited Provider

The workshop follows a practical approach and outlines specific steps as you embark and prepare for accreditation.

If you’ve already started the process, bring your documentation, this will be a great opportunity for you to add to it. If you’ve had a site visit and can’t decipher the report, bring it along!

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  1. I need to speak to a person rather than writing as I need more Info on accreditation.
    Which Seta s to consider?
    A course on everything regarding Seta s,material and so on.

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