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Designing the RPL Policy and Procedure

Organisations must submit a Recognition of Prior ...
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Designing a Competitive Education and Training Business Strategy

This visual shows three popular business tools for ...
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Customised QMS Design

Operations, integrity and quality management are intertwined ...
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Creating and Customising Learning Content for Accreditation

Learning content must meet NQF standards and ...
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COVID-19 Smallholder and Communal Farmers Disaster Support

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and ...
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Competitive Development Strategies

Are you directing an accredited education and ...
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Collecting evidence for RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning Why learn what ...
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CATHSSETA Grants 2018

News is that SETAs remain till 2020 ...
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Business People Think in the Future: Reskilling and Upskilling Workers

Education, training and development organisations navigate paths ...
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Building Blocks for Accreditation in the E&T Sector

Become accredited and adopt a smart competitive ...
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AGRISETA Call for Funding 2017/2018

AgriSETA invites all AgriSETA STAKEHOLDERS to submit ...
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Address Pro-Poor Education Policy

Poverty is complex. 'Money' is not the only ...
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Action Time for Training Videos

Promote your Training Brand Feature Learning Content ...
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Accreditation Do-It-Yourself

Attend accreditation seminars and learn about various aspects ...
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