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PIVOTAL Programmes and why SETAs fund them

SETAs drive industry specific skills development solutions ...
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Pandemic Preparedness

Unusual times mean learning from as wide ...
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Painless Profitable Accreditation

Pain points in the accreditation process are ...
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Outlining your SETA or QCTO accreditation strategy

Organisations offering training or coaching services can ...
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Moderating, Customising and Branding Accredited Training Content

Training material is your love-hate communication to ...
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Market Analysis and QCTO Accreditation

The deadline for QCTO accreditation is 2020 ...
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Market Accredited Education and Training Like A Ninja

The 7P's Marketing Mix for Training Providers ...
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Managing Funded Learnerships from different SETAs

Conflict among learners can emerge at organisations ...
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Managing 18.2 Learnerships and Apprenticeships

Learnerships and apprenticeships have two primary target ...
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Make Training Videos for NQF Qualifications

FREE video concept for an NQFL4 Qualification ...
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Looking for a competitive skills development market strategy?

People, Policy, Productivity and Profit Occupational training ...
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Legislation’s 8-Core Criteria for minimum E&T Accreditation

Accredited education and training organisations have proven ...
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Learner Assessment Management and Accreditation

Assessment and Moderation Policies and Procedures ...
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Job-hopping black managers, only in it for the money?

Virtue, Equity and Job-hopping I believe virtue ...
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Is your business tapping into the Youth Market?

Diversified development interventions need to address the ...
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Inequality and HR

Labour Market Failure in South Africa Are ...
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I want to be accredited. Where do I begin?

Begin any Wednesday! The path starts with ...
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HR Policy and COVID

Responsible employer actions are falling under the ...
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How to Recruit Unemployed Candidates for #Learnerships

A recruitment strategy targeting unemployed youth can ...
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How Much Stipend Should We Pay Unemployed Learnership Candidates?

Organisations have raised interesting questions regarding how ...
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