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 Trainers are often freelancers who rarely have ...
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Quality Management Facilitates Growth

Quality Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Systems create ...
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QMS Visual Communication

Rolling eyes tired of trying to explain ...
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QMS for SETA Accreditation

DEFINE YOUR GAME Quality Management Systems protect ...
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QMS Design or Customisation

We prepare concise documents from an overarching, ...
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QMS a Bad Joke?

SETAs and Quality Councils request a quality ...
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QCTO Values and Accountability

Organisations use values to guide their actions ...
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QCTO Nomenclature

Use the lingo like a ninja! Popular ...
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The QCTO code of conduct signed by ...
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QCTO criteria for Assessment Quality Partners (AQP)

AQPs are assigned to implement external integrated ...
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QCTO accreditation and Market Development Strategy

Bespoke QCTO seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg ...
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Promoting Accredited Training

Internet ranking and low cost competitive strategies ...
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Poverty, high school drop-outs and accredited training

Education and training organisations are uniquely placed ...
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Poverty Markets, NEETs and Development

Education and training organisations are uniquely positioned ...
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Positioning yourself in Education and Training?

Freelance facilitators and independent  experts in education ...
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Portfolio of Evidence for SETA Accreditation

SETA Accreditation applicants are required to submit ...
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Policies and Procedures List for Education and Training Accreditation

30 policies and procedures helping organisations prepare ...
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Planning Workforce Job Transitions: 4 Job Similarity Examples

HR practitioners and unions must address labour ...
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